University phase 1 building

### ODT Online Thu, 26 Aug 2010
Stadium Uni building not ready for Cup
By Allison Rudd
The University of Otago’s building at the Forsyth Barr Stadium will only be partially completed by next year’s Rugby World Cup. While the exterior would be finished by August, the month before the event starts, the internal fit-out was not expected to be completed until December, university property services stadium project manager Jamie Cargill said yesterday. That meant the building – which would house a new Unipol student gymnasium and recreation centre, the Foundation Studies language centre and foundation year programme, and a cafe for staff, students and the public – would look finished during the World Cup as interior work continued, he said.
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We understand the building doesn’t address the university’s Critical Space Plan, “an accelerated capital works programme valued at around $140 million”. “The plan was produced by the Property Services team in conjunction with the academic divisions to address the current and future space needs of staff and students.”

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4 responses to “University phase 1 building

  1. janet

    I’ve been puzzled for some time as to why the University doesn’t make better use of its existing buildings instead of building more and the associated land grab that goes with it. I think I’m right in saying Uni doesn’t pay rates. Most lecture theatres seem to be empty most nights. Suggestion: offer the students a discount on fees to attend lectures in the evenings and get better building utilisation rates.

  2. Dene

    Maybe they could fit it out temporarily as Party Central!

  3. Anonymous

    Students don’t do evenings; not quite as bad as how they don’t do mornings, but still…

    • Elizabeth

      Architecture students (woops, up north) do 24/7 on campus… as and when required – do students of other kinds not do this “south” ?

      But then you would if as I did you had to design an international airport complex for Auckland in the week that remained of the academic year before final fourth professional hand in. Saving collective hides, after a period of drifting while assimilating spatial and detail information in the same (fun) boat. The same applied for each 5- or 10-week studio assignment hand-in across the 4 years. Party central indeed. Nothing like crunch deadlines for educational building use.

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