Stadium: Just EXACTLY how much?

### ODT Online Thu, 12 Aug 2010
Stadium extras to cost in millions
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium will require a “seven-figure” funding boost to provide some of the basic requirements for the facility. But the man in charge of operating the stadium yesterday said there would be no calls on ratepayers for help. Instead, Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) chief executive David Davies said he was confident he could “get it right” through negotiations with businesses that would win contracts for aspects of the operation, and through funding from trusts.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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7 responses to “Stadium: Just EXACTLY how much?

  1. Rosemary McQueen

    When will the stadium’s proponents learn that assuring ratepayers they will not be socked for the next $9m is no consolation. It is the citizens of Dunedin whose assets are being dissolved for this project, whether the assets are in charitable trusts, Dunedin City Holdings or the ratepayers’ invoices.

    Mr Davies needs to learn to keep his sticky fingers out of the assets of the citizens of Dunedin, and raise his money elsewhere: a few raffles, or cake stalls, or why doesn’t he try a working bee? I’m sure I could find someone who had a few jobs around the house & garden Mr Farry could do for $15 an hour.

  2. Peter

    No argument about that sentiment. The money guzzling stadium is all about opportunity costs for more worthwhile ventures. Ratepayers and community groups are the ones that suffer.’That’s the way life is, I suppose.’ Eh, Malcolm.

  3. Russell Garbutt

    I see on the pro-stadium site that the Furbar people are saying that they think it would be a good idea if the community could be “assisted” in raising more funds so the wretched thing can be finished. They are calling for ideas on how this could be done.

    What is really great is the news is that Doug Rodgers would be happy to contribute – wonder if “Calc” and “Johnson” would also chip in in equal amounts – lets say $60m each could be a starting point.

    I’m waiting to hear that the 3 cheques have been cleared.

    • Elizabeth

      Fubar’s request reminds me a bit of the British government’s recent ask of the People. At Seattle Times, Horribleron says “Sell the Queen!” (August 19, 2010 at 6:31 PM)

      ### Thursday, August 19, 2010 at 5:50 PM
      British public responds with cost-cutting ideas, some pretty wild
      By David Stringer, Associated Press
      LONDON — As Britain’s government decides how to make the toughest spending cuts in decades, it has asked the public for help. The result? A list of wild ideas on how to save money, proposals that Treasury chief George Osborne insists will be seriously considered as he draws up a five-year austerity plan. Osborne wants to save $44 billion a year to quickly reduce Britain’s huge national debts, racked up as the previous government bailed out banks and launched stimulus programs during the global financial crisis.
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      Oh wait, we could sell the stadium AND David Davies, what’s that worth again from ratepayer funds?

  4. Russell Garbutt

    Oh, goodness, hadn’t thought of anything like that – but what’s $180m to a very keen supporter of rugby? I’m sure it would bring a huge amount of satisfaction…

  5. Peter

    The bottom line is NO MORE RATEPAYER MONEY FOR THE STADIUM. We have paid enough. We do not want to be victimised again.

  6. Phil

    As a follow up to a line of discussion here from a few weeks back, I note that the construction contract between DCC and Hawkins Constructions requires the contractor to supply a monthly updated construction programme WITH the critical path items clearly identified. I gathered from Councillor comments that this hasn’t been happening. Give your project management company a good slap.

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