Otago Polytechnic safer to stay home

Institute of Sport and Adventure building accommodation

### ODT Online Fri, 30 Jul 2010
Stadium site too expensive
By Allison Rudd
Otago Polytechnic has decided against moving its Institute of Sport and Adventure to the Forsyth Barr Stadium, saying fit-out and lease costs are higher than it can afford.

The indicative fit-out costs of $800,000 and annual lease costs of at least $75,000 were “higher than we can afford”. The move also posed “too much risk long term due to lack of ownership, the necessary length of occupation to recoup the fit-out costs and some access issues.”
-Otago Polytechnic

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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12 responses to “Otago Polytechnic safer to stay home

  1. Anonymous

    What I find interesting about the Academy of Sport, first the appointment and now the move to Fubar is that it is 180 degrees away from the position that Kereyn Smith had last year. That is: the stadium would not be a suitable site for the Academy. I wonder what has happened in the interim to cause this position to change.

    • Elizabeth

      Perhaps we should ask Ms Smith and John Ward, University Chancellor and CST board member, what’s been under discussion lately.

      And while we’re at it, let’s think about why the university (the VC influence?) has condescended to build Phase One at the University Plaza when that building, and Phase Two anon, would seem to lie well OUTSIDE the University of Otago’s critical space programme.

    • Elizabeth

      Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) Board of Directors:

      Sir John Hansen (chair)
      Peter Stubbs (deputy)
      Stewart Barnett
      Bill Baylis
      Peter Brown
      Malcolm Farry
      Peter Hutchison
      Jennifer Rolfe
      Kereyn Smith <<


      Carisbrook Stadium Trust Board of Trustees:

      Malcolm Farry (chair)
      Ron Anderson
      Stewart Barnett
      Bill Baylis
      Eion Edgar
      Kereyn Smith <<
      John Ward


      Over at Facebook The DCC has lost the plot., Mike Stk says:

      {Please note our bolding below -Eds}

      “So there’s a rumour going around that Kereyn Smith has got her wish and that is being funded to move her Academy of Sport in to the stadium from the old Art Gallery – this is an organisation that only services elites and professionals, not normal day to day sports.

      It seems that she’s obtained a promise of $1m from SPARC to partially fund the move, provided that the stadium space is “of fit purpose” – of course at the moment it’s all been pared back to such absolute minimums that it’s not really fit for anyone, there’s not even water and electricity into the spaces (just ask the Polytech who were looking at space there too and faced with such a ridiculous move in cost are now approaching the DCC for help with funding).

      Anyway can anyone confirm the rumour that the DCC has agreed to fund the stadium fit out for the elite sports people to the tune of $3m or more? (from Logan Park’s funds apparently)

      The stadium continues to be the gift that just keeps on taking”

  2. I understand that the Highlanders use the Academy of Sport facilities at Logan Park. Perhaps the Highlanders are going to get a base in the Stadium in this new building?

    • Elizabeth

      Nothing would surprise us, Alistair. A lot’s riding on a team that’s not faring at all well.

      Do we think new purpose built quarters are worth the investment of taxpayers / local charities (read residents and ratepayers) – subsidising an ‘ad infinitum’ poorly performing bunch of athletes, ie join with us and raise the roof on the new NZ Academy of Sport building as a player performance incentive WHAT NEXT? Human robotics? Or more designer drugs?

      (see the rather amazing timeline reported for such a wondrous new facility, OMG).

      Ah, no – say I with my Scrooge hat on >> professional rugby has had WAY too much support and COMPLETELY failed. Do we understand the meaning of COMPLETELY here.

      Could we please start supporting organised team and individual sport (well away from the RUGBY stadium) that can make a difference locally in attracting honest physical activity, participation and competition in the resident Otago Southland community? ….Making a difference globally, in the ‘world’ of sport, is merely a bonus.

      Nobody it seems, in the halls of Dunedin pseudopower, is willing to dump professional rugby into the Leith and out to sea for the sharks and blood-lusty sea mammals. Such a shame.

      Clarification: Local club rugby is NOT what I’m referring to here. Local players (male and female) and supporters deserve more than they’re getting.

  3. Russell Garbutt

    Perhaps we can be told what financial arrangements are in place for the use of the rugby fields at Logan Park? Is it the case that they are shifting to the grounds on the other side of the cricket pavilion? What financial arrangements are in place for any such a shift?

  4. Anonymous

    If true, this would have had to have been approved at Economic Development Committee last week. There’s nothing in the agenda to support that as an item.

    • Elizabeth

      What about via Community Development Committee – since this has Logan Park Redevelopment under its remit?

      Mick Reece’s Community and Recreation Services Activity Report (dated 28 June 2010) to the committee meetingon 13 July 2010 says:

      4 Projects
      • Logan Park Redevelopment: Tenders were invited from local contractors for the refurbishment of the public change rooms on Logan Park, and six tenders were received. These offers are now being assessed, together with the possibility of further changes to the change room layout. There are ongoing discussions with Logan Park stakeholders to identify their requirements, and the optimal layout of playing fields and facilities on the park.”


      In another report to the Community Development Committee, Reconstitution of Logan Park Development Project Working Party (13 April 2010), it says:

      “The Logan Park Development Plan Working Party was set up but its need to meet was related to other projects being proposed. Having not met since July 2008 there is a need for Council to reconstitute it.”

      The report goes on to state the terms of reference as:

      “To assist the CARS Manager with information and advice as required to identify and develop the project outcomes for the revised Logan Park Development Plan.”

      Committee of Council that Working Party is to report to:
      Community Development Committee

      Chairperson of Working Party: Councillor Paul Hudson

      Membership of Working Party:
      Paul Hudson Chairperson Community Development Committee
      Fliss Butcher Deputy Chair Community Development Committee
      Mick Reece CARS Activity Manager
      Greg Sligo Business Development Team Leader

      Support Staff:
      Martin Thompson CARS Parks Team Leader
      Harold Driver Sportsfields and Facilities Officer

      General Manager (or Chief Executive) supporting Working Party:
      General Manager Community Life

      Expected term of Working Party: June 2013

      Power to co-opt: The Chair has the power to co-opt.

  5. This story was in the ODT:
    The Highlanders are currently major users of the Academy of Sport facilities at Logan Park. This seems like a way to provide facilties for Otago Rugby at the Stadium.

  6. Peter

    Pleased to see that with memberships of DVML and the CST, the DCC is into recycling. Not sure what colour container you use though.

  7. Anonymous

    I had missed that article. And Elizabeth is correct – $3.8 million from an existing budget under Community Development.

    Dunedin City: forging ahead through the twin strategies of “commercial sensitivity” and “existing budget”

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