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Dunedin social housing

Recent discussion of social housing for Dunedin has been taking place on another thread.

What if? has copied and linked the previous conversations to this thread.

2010/07/29 at 9:33 pm
kate said:
{substituting new link from the DCC website -Eds}

Social Housing Strategy (PDF, 1.6 mb, new window)
The Social Housing Strategy provides a platform for the consideration of social housing issues right across Dunedin. Social housing is defined as the provision of accommodation assistance for individuals and families whose housing needs or circumstances are not adequately provided for by the private sector. The Strategy also directly addresses issues regarding the Dunedin City Council’s own social housing stock.

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Perceived conflicts of interest, what’s new?

### ODT Online Thu, 29 Jul 2010
Plan set out for Sports Academy
By David Loughrey
Final planning for the New Zealand Academy of Sport, South Island, to move to the Forsyth Barr Stadium site in Dunedin could begin within weeks, and building could start soon after next year’s Rugby World Cup. While the proposal was still in a feasibility stage, academy chief executive Kereyn Smith said yesterday the organisation hoped for a two-storey building at the northeast corner of the stadium, either connected or with easy access to the stadium.

The $3.8 million project hinges on a resource consent decision for demolition of three bays of the former art gallery at Logan Park, a decision that could be announced this week.

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Cr Hudson might like to think upon where exactly he stands in relation to the CURRENT Logan Park Art Gallery redevelopment application for resource consent (applicant: Dunedin City Council).

His finding funds towards, ah, let me see, putting another floor on the old Logan Park Art Gallery building (in the interests of whom??) while the Council is openly in another process with parties to conserve and redevelop the building, has been at the height of disingenious. What’s that phrase about Left Field, being completely out of the game park.

Time to leave your elected representative role at Council, Mr Hudson. Yeah, putting that well before I start in on the interests of Ms Smith.

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‘Devious or incompetent’ – hard to tell if the books are closed

NEWSFLASH 31.7.10 – go to comment

### ODT Online Thu, 29 Jul 2010
Opinion: Rates levels alright here, says councillor
By Richard Walls
Does the Dunedin City Council have a recipe for increasing rates and debt, and are its elected officials either devious or incompetent – as some of the council’s critics suggest? Richard Walls answers some specific criticisms.

Mr Oaten departs from the script, however, when he says Dunedin Venues Ltd “is to be part of the DCHL (Dunedin City Holdings Ltd) group”. Indeed, he does so deliberately knowing full well from a direct discussion with Mr Athol Stephens, general manager, finance and corporate, as well as exchanges with me on the What If Stadium website, that DVL, like its sister company DVML (Dunedin Venues Management Ltd), is not part of the DCHL Group.
-Richard Walls

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