How do these things happen, and get PRINTED?

Aside from the matter that certain galleries live in their own inspired world and would offer or snaffle funding to beat down the competition, hello DCC, where were you to ensure equal representation of local galleries? A fine mess.

Who is paying for the maps already printed, who bears the cost? Perhaps the same precious galleries who thought to make themselves privileged.

### ODT Online Sat, 17 Jul 2010
DCC to revisit galleries guide
By Nigel Benson
A Dunedin City Council-funded art map is to be scrapped after causing a furore in the local arts community. The map, reported in the Otago Daily Times on Monday, has infuriated local artists and gallery-owners for being incomplete and arbitrary.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “How do these things happen, and get PRINTED?

  1. Follow the money, and it will lead to the answer as to why some galleries were showcased, and others were not.

  2. Anonymous

    Easy. Doesn’t even take a lobby group. Someone comes up with a “good idea”. Approaches a “tame” member of DCC staff, usually a friend or someone they meet regularly over coffee. Suggest the “good idea”, have it recognized as such. Provide costings. Tame staff member fits into approved budget. Gets sign-off from manager as “community effort”. Work done. No consultation or Council approval needed. Council, as far as it is involved, has already approved the budget.

    Same for the free wi-fi. That was in an “already approved” budget inside Customer Services when the “good idea” was suggested by company X (owned by company Y). Company Z (also owned by company Y) was the successful tenderer.

    As suggested above – follow the money.
    Old and busted: reading tea leaves.
    New hotness: reading coffee grounds.

    • Elizabeth

      Yep, the ‘how do these things happen?’ was completely farcical, ironical…
      And Anonymous’ response is right on the mallet for crushing said coffee beans, if no heads around to hit together.
      I wonder how many Dunedin citizens know or play the council funding game – the secret is out~!!! Has been for a long time. People will try it on. There must be some prestige in aligning your business to DCC?

      DCC is our collective social services agency… a place to go for money to support private business, ouch (I’ve had the honour of working projects in social services in the past, the only thing missing is usually the venture philanthropy to support endless goodwill projects that should never have gotten off the ground if a rigorous business case was available)… do we see parallels suddenly?

      Prioritisation by council managers of ‘little’ or ‘astounding’ meaningful projects, of maximum benefit to the community (what?), goes out the window under so-called approved budgets – of course, this tendency all magnifies and congeals/congests (?) at the level of annual plan ‘handouts’. That’s where the water gets really choppy. Oh dear :D

      And oh no – free wi-fi is a rort. We didn’t see this coming at all. Shock horror.

    • Elizabeth

      For those who missed this in Friday’s ODT print edition – enjoy!

      {We like that this got PRINTED, nor did it cost DCC a bean. -Eds}

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Wed, 21 Jul 2010
    State of the art map on the way
    By Nigel Benson
    A new art map will be supported by the Dunedin City Council to promote the local arts community. It will supersede a DCC-funded map which was to be launched today but was withdrawn after criticism it did not include all the galleries and art businesses in the city.
    Read more

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