ORFU changes? They’d have to be massive, mind

### ODT Online Wed, 7 Jul 2010
Changes are being made: ORFU
By Chris Morris
The Otago Rugby Football Union is close to completing a series of changes aimed at satisfying its new landlord, the Dunedin City Council. The council earlier this year presented the union with a list of recommended changes aimed at sharpening the union’s governance and management performance, after the completion of an independent review.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “ORFU changes? They’d have to be massive, mind

  1. Russell Garbutt

    Reading the last ORFU report, the auditors require the ORFU to spend less and earn more.

    What they could have said was that it was vital that the ratepayers continue to fund them – one way or another…maybe that was a given bearing in mind the current DCC Councillors.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    I see the Southland Rugby Union are heading for a record loss this last year and are budgeting on continuing to record further substantial losses during 2011. This was a “successful” professional rugby union and the story quotes at least another couple of unions in similar positions.

    Wasn’t it the case that a Southland management hotshot was recruited to come to Otago to get things on track late last year?

    No doubt the ORFU will again record heavy losses due to the very simple case of too much spending, not enough earning. The auditors told us that last time, but no-one seems to be listening yet. How long will it be before the ORFU comes cap in hand for some more hand-outs from the Dunedin ratepayers?

    {See comment at https://dunedinstadium.wordpress.com/2011/01/01/in-a-city-spending-up-large-on-rwc-2011/#comment-14888 -Eds}

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