Goodbye to great store buildings in Parry St

Which ones, you ask???

We’re told that the Shaw Savill store is due for demolition in September this year, to make way for the realignment of SH88 around the stadium.

Shaw Savill & Albion Co Wool Store - Parry Street c.1960 [The Fletcher Trust Archive] thumbnailThumbnail: Shaw Savill & Albion Co Wool Store, Parry Street. The Fletcher Trust Archive.


We hear “they might retain a wall or some other remnant among the landscaping, so maybe this at least could be encouraged”.

“The brick building next door by architect Henry McDowell Smith for Fletchers looks as though it will stay, although it has been vacated by Downer Engineering in the past week, so there is some uncertainty regarding its future.”

Fletcher Holdings Offices, Parry Street c.1950 [The Fletcher Trust Archive] thumbnailThumbnail: Fletcher Holdings Offices, Parry Street. The Fletcher Trust Archive.


In my submission to the proposed Notice of Requirement [‘for a designation’] for the proposed realignment of SH88, heard at the same time as the Stadium Plan Change, I successfully sought that historic heritage should be recorded and photographed prior to any demolition and copies of the information lodged with Hocken Collections and NZHPT. The hearing commissioners made this a condition of the NoR.

Is DCC taking care to hire the appropriate professional to do this recording work…
This week I start checking with the local authority.

By legal definition, just because a building with heritage values isn’t listed in the Dunedin City District Plan (Schedule 25.1) or registered by New Zealand Historic Places Trust does not mean it isn’t historic heritage.

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31 responses to “Goodbye to great store buildings in Parry St

  1. anon

    Colliers has 3 or so Parry Street buildings advertised for lease or as development sites.

  2. Stu

    The old Peter Baker Transport building was taken over by DCC about 2 months ago and is scheduled for demolition shortly, I believe.

  3. Phil

    Had an interesting conversation with DCC hazardous goods inspector last week. He tells me that he’s been working virtually full time down at the stadium site since the beginning of the construction programme, dealing with hazardous materials and ground conditions being unearthed. I presume these are being recorded and placed on the DCC and ORC hazard registers.

    • Elizabeth

      What’s a hazard register ????

      {Is it too late to start one? -Eds}

      • Elizabeth

        Added a further pic to the post, Fletchers HQ in Parry St.

        • Elizabeth

          Cool leading historical architecture in Dunedin getting horrific treatment… just when you gotta group you don’t have one. Sob.

          Information supplied:
          The Shaw Savill warehouse was designed by architect Henry McDowell Smith, so it makes a group of three of his designs, together with Warwick House/Unipol and the brick Fletchers Building (which was up by 1947).

          The Shaw Savill warehouse was constructed in 1943, and by 21 December that year there were just ‘several small things’ to be completed. Fletchers were the main contractors (reference Hocken Misc-MS-1573/2).

        • Elizabeth

          The demise of the Shaw Savill warehouse in Parry Street
          WE HEAR

          “Not content with just allowing building owners to demolish heritage buildings – the DCC buys them and pulls them down itself. Today they disconnected the power lines from the building and removed the pole. They also demolished a section of wall to make the entrance bigger and have lots of scary-looking equipment on site.”

          DCC, did you RECORD the heritage building at all.

  4. Anonymous

    Old PBT building is under demo now. Most gone already.

  5. Elizabeth

    Thanks Anonymous.

    Checking is currently going on as to exactly which buildings are being recorded before demolition.

    I’m told the last warehouse building demolished [PBT?] for the stadium was fully recorded by local building conservator Guy Williams. Unfortunately, we won’t have a full picture of what’s happening until after the weekend. More then.

  6. Calvin Oaten

    I see the SH88 contract was won by Hawkins Infrastructure Ltd. Auckland. Tender price $24.7 million. The company is a division of Hawkins, as is Hawkins Construction, the stadium main contractor. Nice synergy there. A cynical mind could be excused for thinking of the possibilities of perhaps sharing some costs, even cross pollinating overruns. Sure beats the hell out of doing it the ‘Southern way’ as espoused by Malcolm Farry, and fooling the public at the same time. But hey! We will be using mainly local workers and that ticks the box for the local economy. I am of course no cynic, just an ordinary gullible member of the public, so what would I know?

    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Sat, 10 Jul 2010
      Minister inspects realignment
      By Chris Morris
      Transport Minister Steven Joyce cast an eye over the planned realignment of State Highway 88, past the Forsyth Barr Stadium, in Dunedin yesterday. However, later this month contractors will roll on to the site, to begin the new alignment.
      Read more

  7. Anonymous

    Let’s record the wool stores demo. See if we can get Richard, Earl Hagaman, Stuart McLauchlan et al along for the photo-opportunity.

    • Elizabeth

      A little more… the Polytech L Block/Soldiers’ Rehab building on Anzac Ave is also by Henry McDowell Smith – his name is on the foundation stone (1943). That makes a group of four by him. Wonder if the Sealord/Linseed Oil building demolished last year was by him too.

    • Elizabeth

      The former Donald Reid store, from memory, when built following the reclamation of Logan Park was the largest shed construction in Australasia but may be it was the southern hemisphere… need to re-read histories of Donald Reid & Co Ltd and the OHB again!

    • Elizabeth

      Perfect, Anonymous, camera’s ready for complete annihilation pics, of anything or anyone in the view… Malcolm will want another chance to wear hi-vis.

  8. Anon

    Isn’t Lund advertising for subcontractors’ tenders for the University stadium building also?

  9. Phil

    No, not the Fletchers building ! I cut my QS teeth in that building. Construction were on the left, and Special Projects on the right.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Phil, Michael Findlay (Professional Teaching Fellow) at Design Studies has done research on these Parry St modern buildings and is particularly fond of the Fletchers building.
      He would probably enjoy a chat with you sometime, if he hasn’t already – talking with the people who worked in the buildings is extremely useful for documentary purposes.

  10. Anonymous

    Nice for PBT to be able to find a convenient building in an adjacent location…owned by…?

    • Elizabeth

      “Probably their next move will be to remove the roof of the Shaw Savill building, which will have to be done fairly carefully as it is asbestos.”

      • Elizabeth

        Shaw Savill again:

        “Discovered that the section that was demolished came out so that they could remove the wool press, which was constructed inside the building about 15 years ago. The whole thing weighs 107 tonnes! It has been removed to a site in South Dunedin. All of this came about because the owner of the undeveloped land where they originally intended to build the road wanted a fortune for it.”

  11. Anonymous

    The story of this realignment will be an interesting one to write in a book.

    I’m suggesting: “Why does the realigned road have more curves than the original?” as a title.

  12. Anonymous

    “…All of this came about because the owner of the undeveloped land where they originally intended to build the road wanted a fortune for it.”

    This is not strictly accurate.
    The designation was changed to permit the realignment, including rezoning of the land on the other side of Anzac as Campus.
    (This land was subsequently sold by Chalmers Properties. The rates per square metre are on record).
    The landowner approached the DCC. Willing seller.
    The landowner was rebuffed.
    Time passed.
    The DCC offered a ludicrously low (and I mean RIDICULOUS) price per square metre for the land.
    The landowner refused, but continued to negotiate.
    Time passed.
    The Shaw Savill building was purchased instead. The realignment proceeded with the current dangerous curves.
    The DCC told the landowner effectively to “F*** off, we don’t need your land.” The Property Manager was heard around town saying “We’ll teach a lesson”.
    Anyone familiar with Environment Court regulations knows what is coming next…
    This is what you call planning blight.
    Someone in the Property (Mis-)management department should get fired.

  13. kate

    Anonymous, same as “Straight to the solution” as a title for the stadium book, no-one has yet told me the question.

    • Elizabeth

      Yah. And planning blight was mentioned as a concern by the commissioners at the hearing for the Notice of Requirement (NoR) for the SH88 realignment. Specifically, by commissioner John Matthews.

      No surprises. We await the next instalments.

  14. Calvin Oaten

    Where there’s a will there’s a way. Also where there’s a “Jimbo, and a Peter and a Malcolm”.

  15. Anonymous

    …and the most interesting thing about that plot is not the content of the page, but the revision history in the legend. Or lack thereof.

    This cannot be revision R0, with no amendments.

    This is because the original drawings had the gyratory at Anzac/Frederick.

    Nor is this the complete plan. This is for phase 1.

    Ask about phase 2. Ask about the revision history.

    • Elizabeth

      Now, the only other (current?) plan available online is this…

      Appendix (PDF, 113.3 kb, new window)
      Revised Designation Plan 4A

      • Elizabeth

        You see the problem with DCC’s online mapping information… it’s not updated as a result of recent property acquisitions (or not) or Transportation Planning ‘adjustments’ – or made VERY HARD to search.

        [The gyratory was dropped (early) due to the thought of expense and over engineering.]

        Although I’ve forwarded a light query to the DCC webmaster, will seek clarification from DCC on Monday morning by phone. I’m there for a meeting early afternoon and will “call in” (force my way through the doors and security) on Transportation Planning beforehand.

        {DCC webmaster is checking out who owns the old document… thx. -Eds}

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