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Stadium survey for cool imaginative people, or anyone

### voxy.co.nz Friday, 2 July, 2010 – 11:49
Forsyth Barr Stadium technology in hands of public
Forsyth Barr Stadium is gauging the level of public interest in the latest Stadium technology through a nationwide survey. The results from the survey, which measures the public appetite to use Stadium technology, will be used to enhance the customer experience before, during and after the event. Decisions such as how people prefer to purchase and receive tickets, whether they would opt in to text message updates, and their preference for paying for food, beverage and merchandise are all explored in the survey.
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So it says at the stadium website:

Complete the Forsyth Barr Stadium technology survey for your chance to win an iPod touch.

We want to know what technology will help you enjoy your experience more before, during and after an event.

Take the survey here

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City parking is a revenue grab?

### ODT Online Fri, 2 Jul 2010
Editorial: City parking
Any discussion about city parking, and therefore any policy on the matter, should return to the underlying reason for restricted and paid parking. Fundamentally, it exists so that shoppers and others going about their business in and near town can find somewhere temporary and reasonably handy to park their cars.

Often, however, parking policies have – whether articulated or not – other aims, particularly revenue gathering. This temptation should be, but seldom is, resisted. Whatever the protestations of councillors, the evidence is strong that this is one of the main goals in Dunedin.

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