Are you on the ELECTORAL ROLL



Friday, 23 July
Nominations open
Electoral Rolls open for inspection

Friday, 20 August
Nominations close (12.00 noon)
Electoral Rolls close

Friday 17 September to Wednesday, 22 September
Delivery of voting documents
If voting documents do not arrive during this period, special voting papers can be posted out (phone 477 4000) or a Special Voting Booth will be available in the Customer Services Centre, Civic Centre, Dunedin

Saturday, 9 October
Election Day
Voting closes, 12.00 noon

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Are you on the ELECTORAL ROLL

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 5 Jul 2010
    Dunedin voters urged to enrol
    By David Loughrey
    Dunedin voters are urged to enrol to shift the city from its position as the city council area with the second-lowest percentage of enrolled voters. It is estimated only 88.3% of the city’s eligible voters are on the roll, and 11,633 are missing.
    Read more

  2. Elizabeth

    Word is Lee Vandervis is keen to stand for mayor, will he?

    The Other Word is a print media company likes Dave for Dave’s campaign to the tune of $80k, true or false?

    [How did you vote?]

  3. june ivy spooner

    I am about to move from Dunedin to Whitianga, I want to change address and also inquire about voting before September 23rd because I’m going away to Australia for holiday. My name is June Spooner.
    Thank you

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