Opportunities for Dunedin events venues

### ODT Online Wed, 30 Jun 2010
Event managers show interest in stadium
By Hamish McNeilly
Dunedin is set to benefit from the lucrative conference and event industry, with the Forsyth Barr Stadium attracting interest from both sides of the Tasman. The yet-to-be-completed stadium was one of 170 companies marketed at Meetings 2010, an annual trade show held in Auckland last week, attracting buyers and sellers involved in the $1 billion industry.

Tourism Dunedin chief executive Hamish Saxton said the stadium, coupled with the refurbishment of the Dunedin Centre, had “generated plenty of interest with buyers”.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Opportunities for Dunedin events venues

  1. David

    So we’re spending $200 million on a SECOND stadium, with conference facilities, and we’re spending $45 million on a SECOND conference centre in the Town Hall.

    What is the point of that if we have great facilities at the stadium? (except to throw away another $1000 per household)

    • Elizabeth

      “Conferencing” isn’t the market Dunedin ‘leaders’ (choke) think it is. Yes conferencing happens – we compete with other centres with better flight schedules and accommodation, and better afterhours activities and concessions.

      The Dunedin Centre Redevelopment MUST cater to different user groups, it’s clearly not just a conference centre.

      Don’t forget the Love Dunedin campaign has proved a flop.
      I got my Passport and found the selection of ‘attractions’ unappealing, been there done that. No puny discount offer would drag me away from my usual ways of hosting glad friends on their arrival in Dunedin. They don’t want to compete, in season, with cruiseship busloads – or fry their wallets on ‘touristy’ packaged pursuits. They’re way smarter than that, but does it make them clever. Actually, all they want is not to be seen as ‘visitors’. They mingle, unassumingly.

      The stadium project is hardly going to have conferences as a key revenue earner – why would you fork out for that venue if your conference managers have to hire everything in. It’s not viable, beyond having conferencing as minor punctuation. A bit of sports conferencing, you say? Why? I’d rather fly to Australia for this.

      Sure, there are the usual bigheads that follow the drum to every new “venue” to test it out – a bit like marking their turf… watch them do this with local cafes and bars. If loyalty was the entry code, they’d never get through the stadium doors. Besides, they rushed to book their RWC 2011 tickets only to be told the tickets have been over subscribed.

      [This is where you pretend you know nothing about scalping – who bought all the tickets to ramp up the prices and sell them on for private gain. The members of “our stadium”?

      Oh dear. Local ratepayers don’t get to watch the 3 pool games at the new stadium they’re paying for? Sorry folks: Watch it on Sky in the bars we own round town, come and drink our beer!]

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