Public consultation on Carisbrook

### ODT Online Wed, 23 Jun 2010
Carisbrook’s cost issue for meeting
By David Loughrey
The Carisbrook stadium and car park could cost $439,000 a year to maintain after the Dunedin City Council takes over the properties next year. That information is just one matter to consider when a group of “stakeholders” meets at Carisbrook next Monday, beginning a public consultation process on the future of the ground.

An invitation to the meeting asked those invited to “present your ideas for the future of the facility”.
Cr Richard Walls said yesterday the meeting was not just for stakeholders, and anyone could attend.
A timetable shows a forum would be set up on the council’s website for the public to post ideas, and a public meeting held at Carisbrook on July 8, with a deadline for proposals of July 26.

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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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12 responses to “Public consultation on Carisbrook

  1. David

    What an appalling reply in today’s ODT about this subject from Deputy Mayor Brown.

    I suggest he should stand down and be replaced by someone who could put even just a slither of effort into stopping ratepayers from being rorted.

    His “couldn’t care less” attitude brings up the question, of WHY is he not interested in stopping rorts in ratepayer owned companies.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    David, why he is not interested is because he has always shown, along with the tight group of [DCC] Councillors, a total commitment to, as Harland says, “making sure that the ORFU are financially viable”.

    That commitment seems to be at any cost to the ratepayer.

    Judging by the reactions I’ve received today, Brown’s reply is seen to be evasive at best.

    What the DCC Councillors should be doing is to be looking after the interests of the City and this small fact seems to have evaded them. Looking purely at the purchase of Carisbrook, the DCC arrived at a figure which got rid of the debt of the ORFU to the BNZ and of the ORFU to the DCC. But why did the DCC purchase Carisbrook in the first place?

    The Councillors haven’t a clue and now to say that they are being wonderful by allowing people to come up with ideas for its use is ridiculous. It’s like saying “we’ve decided to kill you, but you can choose the way we’ll do it”.

    It is plain from any reading of the ORFU accounts that they have borrowed against assets which may have been justified if there was only one professional rugby stadium in town. As soon as the DCC committed to building a new stadium for the ORFU the value of the assets at Carisbrook plunged, but the ORFU needed either $6m or $7m (depending on whose figures you believe) to stay afloat.

    Only the DCC could come to the party and so they did – come up with a valuation to support their decision, and borrow some more money to give to the ORFU.

    In Brown’s response, he advantageously forgot to tell people of the DCC’s direction to the DCHL group, to up the dividends to DCC by borrowing some more.

    We have the power to make fundamental changes to the way we are governed – just don’t rank the rank.

  3. David

    I was once told that the DCC effectively used Delta as a front to channel ratepayers money into the ORFU.

    If they did it directly it would look highly dubious – possibly even illegal – but they can get away with it by using an existing company like Delta, then taking a lower dividend.

    I was told this by a Delta employee, in a corporate box.

    • Elizabeth

      David and Russell are, of course, refering to Russell Garbutt’s forthright letter to the editor in ODT today, published unabridged with reply from the deputy mayor:

      ### ODT 23 June 2010 (page 14)
      Letters to the editor
      Bias towards ORFU seen in decisions
      By Russell Garbutt, Wakari
      I note that in the 2010 Otago Rugby Football Union handbook, the first sponsor listed is Delta. Delta is 100% owned by the Dunedin City Council – the ratepayers – and I am sure that we would all like to know what the details of this sponsorship are. We actually have a right to know as it is our money.

      [Deputy mayor Syd Brown replies:
      “Mr Garbutt is well-known for his anti-stadium opinions but it now becomes clear that he is also against inviting the public to discuss the future use of Carisbrook and by doing so seems to advocate the very ‘behind closed doors’ approach he accuses the council of.

      The full letter and reply are available in print and pay digital editions of the Otago Daily Times.


      I’m wondering which councillors, committee chairs, or company directors had a hand in the penning of Syd’s response. I don’t remember Syd ever using phrases in public communications like “Mr Garbutt has every right to his opinions but, to let a little light into his dark thoughts, …”. Odd. Or is this the effect of election year.

  4. Russell Garbutt

    That’s the one, Elizabeth.

    How anyone could interpret my letter as being against inviting people to participate is beyond me, but the wording does smack of other input.

    Simply put, he doesn’t answer any of the issues, but starts to get personal a tad.

    Pitiful really.

  5. David

    I wondered why Deputy Mayor Brown put up a argument that no one made – then falsely attitributed it as Russell’s opinion.

    The Deputy Mayor is clearly misleading people.

    The question is if he is deliberately trying to mislead people?

    (a bit like the Mayor misled the public saying there had been a Mitre 10 Mega review at the same time the council was telling the government there hadn’t been one)

  6. Russell Garbutt

    David, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and looks like a duck then it probably is a duck.

    Why Syd Brown acts as he does, and why many of the Councillors act as they do, will be completely irrelevant if the ratepayers en masse decide in October that they have had enough of ducks running City Hall.

  7. Phil

    The only time I’ve ever seen Syd care about anything was championing for Hagart Alexander Drive. Wonder how that subdivision turned out ?

    • Elizabeth

      Limited material at ODT wrt Hagart Alexander Drive, at least this item provides a dateline for people to start digging back from. Let’s find out what Syd was saying…

      ### ODT Online Tue, 1 Apr 2008
      Controversial change approved
      By Mark Price
      The Dunedin City Council has given the final tick of approval to the rezoning of a contentious piece of Taieri rural land next to Mosgiel. At its meeting yesterday, the council rezoned the area known as Mosgiel East Area as residential 1 – effective from April 14. The land is 59ha, bounded by Hagart Alexander Dr, Wingatui Rd and the Silver Stream, with Factory Rd running through the middle. The area includes 10ha of land owned by deputy mayor Syd Brown, who began the rezoning process more than 12 years ago.
      Read more


      Syd’s DCC profile:

      Deputy Mayor Syd Brown – Mosgiel-Taieri Ward

      Syd Brown is serving his 4th term on the Dunedin City Council. He has been involved in the agriculture industry and currently works in furniture and furnishing industry. He has an interest in both rugby and harness racing and has been on the committee of the Forbury Park Trotting Club and Chairman of the New Zealand Harness Racing Sub Committee. He is married with 3 children.

      Contact Information
      12 Hagart Alexander Drive
      Mosgiel Dunedin
      Phone: 03 477 4354 (Day), 03 489 5601 (Evening)

  8. Russell Garbutt

    Phil, you could always ask him.

    Good luck on getting a straight answer, but I’m sure there are those that have a pretty good handle on things in that part of Mosgiel. Perhaps this site could publish the relevant references so we can all be reminded.

  9. Russell Garbutt

    Perfect qualifications for a Councillor I would have thought…….first interest is rugby.

  10. Elizabeth


    @lee0007 Submitting multicode training & sports arena, grownup adventure playgrounds #ar gaming for the Future of Carisbrook tomorrow

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