DCC: “Your City/Our Future” Community Engagement Programme

Tabled at Dunedin City Council’s Finance and Strategy Committee Meeting on Monday:

Report – FSC – 21/06/2010 (PDF, 192.9 kb, new window)
“Your City/Our Future” Community Engagement Programme

“It is proposed that the Council’s futures thinking on the City Development Strategy (Spatial Plan), the Sustainability Programme and the Community Outcomes be undertaken in a single co-ordinated programme… This community engagement programme is a key element of the strategic direction for the City and the Council’s agreement is sought to the proposed approach. Councillors will be involved at key stages to provide leadership in reviewing and setting the vision for the city.”

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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8 responses to “DCC: “Your City/Our Future” Community Engagement Programme

  1. This is bureaucracy gone mad. This is certain to result in more empire-building schemes and even greater rates increases.
    The lesson of economic history is that a thriving and prosperous community comes from the enterprise of business, not from the regulations and taxes imposed by bureaucrats and politicians.

  2. Russell Garbutt

    “Councillors will be involved at key stages to provide leadership in reviewing and setting the vision for the city.”

    They should be, but do you really think that people like Acklin, Collins, Guest, Chin, Walls, Hudson, Bezett, Weatherall etc are capable of such leadership? If so, rank them in October. If not, don’t rank them at all.

  3. Calvin Oaten

    Elizabeth: Stop at the STADIUM? What? Where did you get the idea that our ‘progressive’ council would be satisfied with just that? No, council is like rust, it never sleeps. Bureaucracy is programmed to constantly scheme of ‘visionary’ development. Its very life depends on it, as shown by the latest proposals “Your City/Our Future” Community Engagement Programme. This will be another ‘boondoggle’ requiring a dedicated staff complete with team leader and a budget of ‘God’ knows how much. The result will be another bunch of pages in the LTCCP leading nowhere, just more costs. But hey, isn’t that the norm? Let’s hope we get a council with the wit and wisdom to see through all these petty little diversions and simply get on with the real details of running a city for the citizens.

  4. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Sat, 26 Jun 2010
    Dunedin to be consulted about future
    By David Loughrey
    Dunedin is about to embark on a major programme of consultation, with residents to be asked their opinion on the city’s future. The results of the consultation will help shape the various strategies that underpin city policy. Mayor Peter Chin said yesterday it would be the council chosen after this October’s elections that would be making the final decisions.
    Read more

  5. Stephen

    When is this council going to realise what they are meant to do?

    Keep the place looking tidy

    That’s it, no more than that, yet they can’t even do this properly as we seem to be one of the last that doesn’t have wheelie bins as standard.

    Get a grip council.

    • Elizabeth

      Stephen, there are roads and byways to keep, the odd property in the property portfolio to look after, quite a bit of social housing to maintain and upgrade (Council DOES have a social conscience), add sports facilities, libraries, cemeteries, building consents and resource management, etc etc – well, the list of core services is properly quite extensive. Some days “THAT’S ALL” seems like the answer. Most other days we would hang ourselves as a community without the fine grain of local authority functions and services. We get quite a lot for our rates money. Stadium stuff is a vast problem, we all know that – and what it will mean for the small rating base and council budgets going forward is NOT accurately quantified. We forgot to budget for the lasers care of Mr Farry, who isn’t Mr Davies.

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