University building for Plaza gap

### ODT Online Wed, 9 Jun 2010
$20 million set aside for varsity’s stadium building
By Allison Rudd
The University of Otago’s stadium building is a step closer, with almost $20 million being added to this year’s budget for its construction. The Warren and Mahoney-designed Oamaru stone-clad building, linking the University Plaza and the Forsyth Barr Stadium, will contain the university’s foundation studies department, the Unipol sports centre, a physiotherapy clinic and a cafe. Presenting the revised 2010 budget to the university council yesterday, chief operating officer John Patrick said almost $20 million – $19.722 million – had been added to the capital works budget for “university plaza building one”.
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Question: Which local dignitary are we naming it after, as a blame-marker of the stadium fiasco that would impoverish a city.
Or is “university plaza building one” it —shortening to “Plaza One”.
Has a certain kind of fit with the Americanised style of the Campus Master Plan: a football campus.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr

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4 responses to “University building for Plaza gap

  1. Latest on the cost of the university’s building.

    ### ODT Online Mon, 28 Apr 2014
    Uni under budget for plaza
    By Vaughan Elder
    The University of Otago expects to save $8 million on its University Plaza building at Forsyth Barr Stadium, contrasting with the council’s blown stadium budget. The cost of the project, expected to be finalised next month, was forecast to cost $8 million below its original $46.2 million budget. In contrast, a Pricewater-houseCoopers review showed the Dunedin City Council’s construction costs on the stadium blew out by more than $8 million to $224.4 million.
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  2. Pity Malcolm’s much touted ‘not a cent over $188 million’ didn’t include a significant contingency figure like the University’s project did. Oh well, that’s life, as they say.

  3. Elizabeth

    Hilarious. Extremely poor siting for the University build – hardly surprising given the twerps running the campus at the time (crusty academics and deadhead accountants on Uni Council). Fast build and poor material selection and handling despite the hoopla of its birth and funding….CRACKS…….as the stadium site ‘settles'(?), and the stadium itself sinks in one corner(?), or so the rumours have flown for months. Was the limestone the right grade, was the concrete not properly cured, is the reclaimed land moving under the building’s weight ?????????????

    Another bunch of expensive reports!

    University Plaza [concept render]

    Wed, 12 Jul 2017
    Building safe despite cracks: university
    By Vaughan Elder
    The University of Otago says its University Plaza building is safe, despite cracks forming in the Oamaru stone facade. The discovery of cracks in the building, which is connected to the western end of Forsyth Barr Stadium, comes after faults, including noise leaking from the gym to office space, were discovered in the first two years following its completion at the end of 2011. The building is called the University Plaza and houses Unipol gym and the university’s language centre and foundation year. University chief operating officer Stephen Willis said cracks had been discovered in sections of the Oamaru stone front facade at the northern end of the building. Exterior cracks had also been found in the pre-cast concrete beams in the southwest corner of the building, Mr Willis said.
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    Architects: Warren and Mahoney
    Construction contractor: Naylor Love

    University Plaza Cafe

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