Surprise! (yawn) Shift them out.

Oh yay. Less chance to knock internal plasterwork at the Old Logan Park Art Gallery building. Like we didn’t know they’d opt for the stadium. Small mercies. And Dave Gerrard’s dream of hubs comes true. It’s a love story.

### ODT Online Tue, 1 Jun 2010
Academy could be at stadium
By David Loughrey
The New Zealand Academy of Sport, South Island, may move to the Forsyth Barr Stadium, with $3.8 million from the Dunedin City Council earmarked for more building at the site. The plan is to use the roofed stadium’s facilities for academy athletes, making it a high-performance hub.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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One response to “Surprise! (yawn) Shift them out.

  1. The Council Report suggests that the Highlanders are going to piggy-back into the Stadium facilities along with the Academy of Sport:
    “NZ Academy of Sport and its partnership with the Highlanders needs to be moved to new facilities built adjoining the stadium”.
    What is going to be interesting is whether the NZ Academy of Sport and the Highlanders will pay the full cost of providing for the facilities that they use, or whether they want a subsidy from ratepayers.

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