Hahaha if you’re still thinking Campus Master Plans look the same today as yesterday!!!

Quite like National’s take on managing away expensive dross in the tertiary sector. If you think the cacoon existences in the ivy halls aren’t draining the rest of us to a very unfortunate ‘degree’, go suck on it. Or make a defensive comment here.


### ODT Online Thu, 20 May 2010
Budget no winner with tertiary sector
Students and staff at tertiary education institutions say today’s budget continues a trend of underfunding the sector. Finance Minister Bill English’s second budget would do nothing to enhance the innovation, learning and research going on in tertiary education institutions around the country, said Tertiary Education Union (TEU) national president Dr Tom Ryan.
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### ODT Online Thu, 20 May 2010
Funding reshuffle in education sector
The education sector has had to come up with more than half of the $1.9 billion to fund new education initiatives over the next four years. Of the $1.9b, $1b has been reprioritised and $900 million is new money. The reprioritised money comes largely from changes to the student loan scheme, cuts in tertiary education capability funding which helps institutions develop their roles and deliver quality and aligning early childhood education funding rates with teacher registration targets.
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