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Otago leaders to World Expo in Shanghai


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### ODT Online Mon, 3 May 2010
Otago to have presence at World Expo
By Chris Morris
A delegation of Otago leaders will later this month attempt to make their mark on 70 million visitors to the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. The 22-strong delegation, headed by Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, Queenstown Lakes Mayor Clive Geddes and Clutha Mayor Juno Hayes, will travel to the Chinese city later this month for several days to take part in the six-month Expo, which opened with a blaze of fireworks on Saturday.

The New Zealand pavilion featured an indoor-outdoor design complete with rooftop garden, a 12m-high steel and rubber pohutukawa tree and a 10m-long waka being carved from a giant kauri tree. It also enjoyed a prime location near China’s pavilion and was expected to attract up to 40,000 visitors each day.

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### idealog.co.nz March-April 2010
Architecture: Pure propaganda
By Tony Laloli, about a month ago
Originally published in Idealog #26, page 122
The World Expo should showcase Kiwi ideas—but Shanghai 2010 is a missed opportunity.

This year, from May 1 to October 31, Shanghai will host the latest world expo. There are expected to be 200 countries exhibiting and around 70 million visitors. The theme ‘Better city, better life’ is the inspiration for the event.

The theme should give us some pause as to what a post-colonial 21st-century New Zealand city could be…

A reliance on indigenous performers and clichéd images of landscape, sails and happy families is a 1950s vision of New Zealand. Those images could be presented via a website and virtual space. Why do they need to be set along an ascending ramp through a dark space in Shanghai?

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Tony Laloli is the pen name of an urbanist, creative technologist and architectural designer working in Auckland.

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