DCC: Residents’ Opinion Survey – complete it online

### ODT Online Sat, 1 May 2010
DCC sends out 4500 residents’ survey forms
Dunedin, it is time to rate your council’s performance. The annual Dunedin City Council residents’ opinion survey was launched yesterday as the first of 4500 surveys were posted out to randomly selected participants. The survey can also be completed, by both those who receive a survey in the mail and those who do not, online at http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/your-council/residents-opinion-survey
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### ODT Online Sat, 1 May 2010
Editorial: DCC common sense
Few issues arouse public attention like parking. Most adults have access to cars, and most at some stage or another look for parking spaces. So when the Dunedin City Council planned changes, it was foolish not to be at its most wary, careful and sensible. Right from the start, the council and councillors seemed to be blind to the extent of what they were doing – and the devil in both the detail and the bigger picture.
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Take a bee, a rooster and you get a sheep…

### ODT Online Wed, 28 Apr 2010
Picking up sheep droppings ‘completely nuts’
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is considering rules which would force some property owners to collect the little black offerings left behind by animals, including sheep, pigs and goats.
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If we let Mr Guest become Mayor of Dunedin expect more of this oddity – and ODT will never be the same.

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2 responses to “DCC: Residents’ Opinion Survey – complete it online

  1. wirehunt

    How much money have we fired at this already? Just sack whoever dreamed this shit up, or maybe they should just dispose of themselves?

  2. Elizabeth

    DCC pagelink to the Survey is now operative.

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