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Stadium ‘JAFAS’: a wildlife report

D Scene was counting sheep this week Zzzzzz

What of scandals breaking, or little items of interest? Try this:

### Facebook: The DCC has lost the Plot. Wed 21 April 2010
Pat McCarty On the St Clair bus (one of the usual bone-shakers supplied by our impoverished council), I got talking to a JAFA, imported to Dunedin to help finish the stadium for the RWC. He informed me that he is one of the 70+ JAFAs and assorted Northerners recently drafted here to work on the FUBAR Stadium. There seems to be …more than a little concern that FUBAR will not be finished in time. He informed me that if by Christmas Farry’s ant-hill looks like it won’t make the deadline, Carisbrooke [sic] will be hurriedly refurbished.
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Stadium GMP clarification

In reply to Calvin Oaten.

### ODT Online Tue, 20/04/2010 – 9:16pm.
Comment by Richard Walls on Answers to your questions:

(1) Whether the turf remains part of the GMP or is taken out is subject to current commercial tender and under discussion.
(2) Half of the temporary seating is included within the $165.4m Design and Construction budget. (My understanding is that the remainder will be hired in as required).
(3) The lighting of the playing area is included within the GMP.

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SH88 realignment – update

### ODT Online Wed, 21 Apr 2010
Stadium property issues near resolution
By Mark Price
One of the last outstanding property issues concerned with the Forsyth Barr Stadium is expected to be resolved within the next few days. The Dunedin City Council needs a piece of land owned by USC Investments Ltd, of Christchurch, to complete its 1.1km, $10 million realignment of State Highway 88, on the eastern side of the stadium. USC is owned by Earl and Keith Hagaman.
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