$19m for Auckland’s temporary ‘Party Central’


### ODT Online Tue, 20 Apr 2010
‘Party central’ to be $9m temporary structure
“Party Central” for the Rugby World Cup at Queen’s Wharf in Auckland will now be a $9 million, 160m temporary building which will service two cruise ships and cater for up to 8000 people. The Government and Auckland Regional Council, which owns Queen’s Wharf, confirmed their preferred option today following the decision of Auckland Mayors not to fund anything permanent by next year. NZPA

The Government will fund the $9m structure, while the ARC will spend about $10m on wharf strengthening and re-sealing.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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12 responses to “$19m for Auckland’s temporary ‘Party Central’

  1. Elizabeth

    More tweets, (subjects??) er “fiasco”, “ghouls”, “Ponzi schemes”:

    @hamish_keith Volcano sign of Iceland’s wrath that it is not in the RWC – Minister McCully called on to make the ultimate sacrifice

    @bobsyauncle Damn! Hope Wellington’s getting a ghost ship too! ‘Auckland’s Rugby World Cup party zone revealed’ http://bit.ly/9B8v5Q

    @hamish_keith More architectural flim flam and bullshit for Queens Wharf – have Lee & McCully no shame, no sense and no taste – weird men in bed together

    @hamish_keith Queens Wharf you always know when you are being had when the building shines shafts of light Godwards – it should be the other way around

    @hamish_keith Queens Wharf – does Mike Lee think he has some secret mandate – being stupid is not the same thing as being bold – and dumb is not thougtful

    Thanks Hamish, we get the picture.

    • Elizabeth


      @JEREMYCORBETT Nickname for our beautiful new structure on Queens Wharf? THE MAGGOT! Who’s with me? Look at it!! http://tinyurl.com/y7vq6k4

      • Elizabeth


        @maggiebarry Watch out, fake corporate packages for the RWC are already being sold! If you’re unsure, contact the Ministry of Economic Development.

        • Elizabeth

          ### 3news.co.nz Thu, 22 Apr 2010 5:41p.m.
          Rugby World Cup: Beware ‘knock-offs’
          By Simon Shepherd
          If you haven’t bought the rights, you can’t use the RWC name. That’s the warning being given by Rugby World Cup officials, as the first prosecution for fake rugby shirts was launched today. At the same time, a campaign to educate people on what they can and can’t do around the event commenced. The theme is “don’t let yourself down” by buying fake tickets, hospitality and merchandise.
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  2. Anonymous

    “@hamish_keith Queens Wharf you always know when you are being had when the building shines shafts of light Godwards – it should be the other way around”

    *looks sideways at Forsyth Barr Stadium logo*
    *scratches head*

  3. Elizabeth


    @nzherald Council digs up 10-month-old design for Queens Wharf party central http://nzh.tw/10641409

    • Elizabeth

      ### tvnz.co.nz Published: 12:27PM Friday April 30, 2010
      Nicole Bremner: The politics of Queens Wharf
      By Nicole Bremner
      Source: ONE News
      It’s fine for a bride but what of a council arriving late to its own party? Yep, you guessed it – only in Auckland. After months of steadfastly refusing to have a bar of Party Central on Queens Wharf, the Auckland City Council is now attempting to clamber onto the bus about to leave for the reception. Two old cargo sheds may just be the saving grace that allows the council a last minute seat.


      ### rnz.co.nz Updated at 9:23pm on 29 April 2010
      Renewed argument over Queens Wharf sheds
      There has been fresh sniping between two Auckland leaders after the offer of tens of millions of dollars to refurbish two cargo sheds due for demolition on Queens Wharf. The century-old sheds are to be cleared so the wharf’s owners, Auckland Regional Council and the Government, can build a temporary fan base for next year’s Rugby World Cup. Auckland City Council has renewed an offer of up to $26 million for the development if the sheds are preserved. Auckland City mayor John Banks calls the offer a hand of co-operation, but regional council chairman Mike Lee says it is hypocrisy. Mr Lee says the city council will not support the regional council’s bid to save two character buildings in another waterfront development at Wynyard Quarter.
      RNZ Link

      • Elizabeth

        ### aucklandtrains.co.nz May 3, 2010
        Queens Sheds Staying Now?
        Posted by Jon C
        The ARC and New Zealand Historic Places Trust now say they’re are working together to “ensure Queens Wharf’s historical significance is protected and promoted” in its development. Earlier ARC Chair Mike Lee said the sheds should go but this triggered a strong debate among Aucklanders and Auckland’s invested interests about whether the “ugly old 98 year old” sheds should be demolished or kept at least in part as the site is revamped for the RWC 2011 Party Central.
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        • Elizabeth

          ### 3news.co.nz Fri, 12 Aug 2011 6:08p.m.
          Sneak peak at Auckland’s RWC Cloud
          By Kim Chisnall
          The Cloud on Auckland’s waterfront is just eight days away from being completed and today, the entertainment schedule for the Rugby World Cup was announced. Rugby fans are well catered for by the giant screens, but even visitors who don’t want to watch the games will have something to see.

          If you don’t like rugby, there is always music; 40 New Zealand bands and musicians will perform live during the RWC, including Che Fu, Anika Moa, Golden Horse and Pitch Black – at a bargain price. “It’s free to all. There is no price on the gate,” says super city Mayor Len Brown.

          Read more + Images inside Cloud + Video

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