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Stadium steelwork. CST boys caught out in a lie?

Lo, with impeccable timing and courtesy this letter appears…

### ODT Saturday 17 Apr 2010 (p34)
Letters to the editor
Remarks demeaning to Dunedin companies
By John Whitaker, Chairman, Dunedin Engineering Cluster
I take serious objection to recent claims by both David Davies and Malcolm Farry, of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, that Dunedin firms were not capable of manufacturing the stadium roof. Both have claimed that the skills and capacity are simply not here in Dunedin and the work had to go outside the city. This is not the case and their comments are demeaning of local industry.

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ODT editor: [This letter was referred to the Carisbrook Stadium Trust but no reply has been received.]

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Harbourside: more negotiation to come

### ODT Online Sat, 17 Apr 2010
Plan for harbour resolved
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council appears to have staved off what could have been a bitter Environment Court battle with the city’s business community, after a joint announcement yesterday that an agreement on the harbourside development had been signed. For its part, the council has agreed to dump much of stage two from its harbourside plan, meaning a reduction to its “50-year vision” for the area. Businesses have agreed to accept stage one, subject to further negotiation.

• DCC has signed an agreement with Otago Chamber of Commerce and businesses affected by harbourside development to avert Environment Court battle.
• Council has agreed to drop stage two of the development, reducing its size.
• Chamber and businesses have agreed to stage one, subject to continued negotiation.
• Parties will now negotiate, before taking resolved issues to Environment Court for approval.
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