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Dunedin City Council Draft Annual Plan 2010/11 Roadshow

### ODT Online Sat, 3 Apr 2010
Broad issues raised in plan process
By David Loughrey
Dunedin’s annual plan meetings this year have revealed a wider variety of issues than the past few years, with roads and rating alongside the usual favourites of the stadium and town hall upgrades as the main public concerns. Ratepayer anger has also been less noticeable.

The draft annual plan was released in March, submissions close on April 12, and hearings begin on May 3.

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Dunedin contributes more than 50% of Otago’s employment

### ODT Online Sat, 3 Apr 2010
City needs numbers, say experts
By Simon Hartley
The closure of Fisher and Paykel Appliances’ Mosgiel plant and loss of 430 jobs in early 2008 prompted a reduction in Dunedin’s gross domestic product for 2009, and the city remains dogged by low population growth. However, a report by Berl for Otago Forward, covering 2009, noted per capita growth had kept pace with national trends and the city’s education and research sector, which employs one in eight people in the city, also delivered employment and GDP growth above national trends.

The emphasis for Dunedin manufacturing had to remain on high-end niche market production.

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