Harbourside: POL boss says the issues of reverse sensitivity “overstated”

### ODT Online Wed, 24 Mar 2010
Chamber campaign to sink harbourside scheme
By Mark Price
An Otago Chamber of Commerce advertising campaign aimed at putting pressure on the Dunedin City Council to drop its controversial plan change 7: harbourside, is being backed by more than 160 businesses. An “open request” from the chamber, to be published in the Otago Daily Times tomorrow, calls for the council to “immediately withdraw the proposed harbourside plan change and save the jobs that will be lost …”

The plan change, expected to be debated at Monday’s council meeting in Middlemarch, would open up the harbourside to non-industrial uses such as apartment buildings, cafes and restaurants.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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One response to “Harbourside: POL boss says the issues of reverse sensitivity “overstated”

  1. Elizabeth

    Things are getting, oops, ‘political’ – an ode to Jim Harland. Now, ORC councillor Gerry Eckhoff speaks his mind:

    ### ODT Online Thu, 25 Mar 2010
    Eckhoff in U-turn over harbourside
    By Mark Price
    A member of the Otago Regional Council has changed sides in the argument about the proposed rezoning of the harbourside area of Dunedin. Cr Gerry Eckhoff, of Roxburgh, said as a member of the council he had supported a plan change that would allow harbourside industrial land to be used for other purposes such as apartments, restaurants and cafes. However, in a statement yesterday, Cr Eckhoff said: “I have to say that I have changed my mind as to the proposals.” Cr Eckhoff said the reason was the prospect of oil being found off the coast.
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