Dunedin Public Art Gallery upcoming exhibitions

The Asian is the first major solo exhibition by Heather Straka in a New Zealand public art gallery. For this project Straka has commissioned a selection of artisans from Shenzhen, China to produce fifty high-end copies of one of her original ‘Asian Girl’ paintings. An intriguing installation where ideas about the authentic and fake, truth and lie, original and copy are brought into question.
20 March – 20 June 2010

Leading New Zealand photographer Wayne Barrar consistently challenges audiences to think about land use, place and borders in an increasingly controlled world. An Expanding Subterra brings a timely insight into a highly industrialised and commodified underground, where vast areas are taken up storing data and nuclear waste, multinational organisations operate 24/7 and teams of workers continue to prospect for rare materials.
27 March – 27 June 2010

(source: DPAG publicity)

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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