Prostadia MEATHEAD

Idiots like cyberjab should join the Destiny Church.

### ODT Online Fri, 12/03/2010 – 7:45am.
Comment by cyberjab on Armchair critics
I do find it sad that so many love to put down the stadium but offer nothing of their own as a way to improve the city or even arrest the slow decline in that some of us witness. You “stadium haters” may think it is a bad idea . . . but that’s just your opinion…others of us think it is a great idea and will bring money back into the city. If it fails then at least they tried.


Who paid for the Resource Consent? Is Fringe Festival coordinator Paul Smith a prostadia boy?

ODT Online: Stadium stands up to riot of colour

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Prostadia MEATHEAD

  1. Phil

    That’s got to be a classic comment, and one worth saving. “If it fails then at least they tried”. Now that we’re stuck with this project, the last thing I want it to do is fail. But, it’s all ok now. You see, should it fail, and we get stuck with an unpayable debt, there’s no need to worry. Because, at least we tried ……

    You have to wonder some times about the limited grasp of reality and scale out there.

  2. I think Cyberjab has a hunch that it will fail and this is the back up ‘excuse’ – ‘at least they tried’. Trouble is, spending $200m plus is rather different to a school kid failing an exam, but recognising at least he/she tried. He’d be one of those people who’d just put more money in the pokie machine (read, stadium) to make it ‘succeed’.

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