Another National bugle boy: Dunne on stadium

### Channel 9 News March 5, 2010 – 7:34pm
Peter Dunne positive about Dunedin Stadium
The Minister of Revenue and Associate Minister of Health Peter Dunne was in Dunedin yesterday, and whilst here he talked with Mayor Peter Chin about a number of issues, one of which was the Stadium. With the experience of living in Wellington before and after the construction of the Westpac Stadium, Dunne expects the tide of conjecture about the stadium to turn once it is up an running.

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2 responses to “Another National bugle boy: Dunne on stadium

  1. Phil

    Good old Pete. I guess he must also have lived in Wellington both before and after the local ticket buying population increased from 100,000 to 300,000 ?

  2. Remember it’s not just National bugle boys, but also the Labour Party variants. Here we have a Labour Party, now in opposition, wanting to reconnect with its roots, ‘listen to the people’ and show its concern for ‘the ordinary people of New Zealand’ with their struggle in these hardened economic times to pay off mortgages and steadily rising local body rates. (Not to mention those who can’t afford a house). Meanwhile these same Labour people sup at the same table of wealthy private vested interests who are filching public money for the stadium to pay for their corporate boxes at the rugby and make a buck out of stadium building at the same time. They buy the ‘wow factor’ crap that the snake oil stadium promoters sell them. Namely, that they are giving Dunedin a good deal for World Cup Year, 2011 when we are in fact heavily subsidising them because they can’t stump up the money themselves.
    Our local Labour MPs actually believe that Farry, Chin and Co are good guys doing a great job for Dunedin. As a left- leaning voter I gave up on Labour long ago and ‘man’s man’, Phil Goff, riding into town on a motorbike, won’t change my vote for him and his party in a hurry. I want a real Labour Party, not ‘Chardonnay Socialists’, to borrow Mike Moore’s phrase, before I even contemplate voting for them again.

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