Auckland super city subverts democracy…

Thanks James.

This is the cold word on “upright commercial pillars of society”.
See any similarities to the Dunedin crew? You do?
And you’re still keen on a super ward.
Think about it.


### 4:00 AM Friday Feb 12, 2010
Opinion: Brian Rudman on Auckland
Democracy kicked out the window
By Brian Rudman
If it wasn’t my money they were after, the sight of John Waller, the chairman of Bank of New Zealand, Hugh Burrett, the former chief executive of ASB Bank, and Greg Muir, former chairman of Hanover Finance, cap in hand together at the Auckland Town Hall, trying to touch up Mayor John Banks for a $40 million loan would be hugely amusing.
They’re members of the Eden Park Trust Board, and need the money urgently, because, in the words of banker Waller, “the banks won’t lend because the park can’t service it …” With not even their closest banker mates willing to float them a loan for old times’ sake, who are they now trying to shake down?

Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee is blunt. “Aucklanders have been bilked. Most of the powers of the present local government in Auckland will be devolved to unelected, unaccountable CCOs – no doubt to be stacked with the usual businessmen.”

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-Brian Rudman is a Herald columnist focussing on Auckland issues

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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5 responses to “Auckland super city subverts democracy…

  1. Stu

    Being run out of town used to be the solution…

  2. Deja vu Dunedin. I hope Mayor Banks sticks to his guns and tells them all to to p…. off. Of course down here it is open sesame to ‘business’ people who want us to pay for their entertainment.

  3. Elizabeth

    ### ODT 12 Mar 2009 page 9
    Opinion: ‘Rogerpolitics’ our peril
    By Chris Trotter
    “Rogerpolitics” is Mike Lee’s, the Auckland regional Council chairman’s, evocative description of what is happening to New Zealand’s largest city … “Rogerpolitics” stands for the elevation of private over public decision making in the political sphere. What’s happening in Auckland: the anti-democratic character of its new “super-city” council’s constitution, and the democracy-proof structures of its new “Council Controlled Organisations” (CCOs) are developments the rest of New Zealand should be following closely — very closely.

    … The new super-city will have just 20 councillors (one for every 60,000 residents). In other words, the democratic efficacy of the ordinary Aucklander’s vote is being reduced by 75%.

    … Government-appointed business-people [the unelected CCO directors] will get 90% of citizens’ rates but citizens will get zero percent say in the way their money is spent.

    Full article available in print and digital editions of the Otago Daily Times.

  4. Elizabeth

    In which Hide and Prime Minister Key ‘Act’ stupid…

    ### ODT Online Wed, 17 Mar 2010
    Super city row heats up Parliament
    Local Government Minister Rodney Hide is being accused of misleading Aucklanders as the row over plans for the new super city council heats up in Parliament. Labour and the Greens have zeroed in on proposals to create seven council-controlled organisations (CCOs) to manage most of Auckland’s services.
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    • Elizabeth

      ### RNZ National Tuesday, 16 March 2010 at 07:20am
      Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket
      Local body leader says supercity structure threatens democracy
      The President of Local Government New Zealand is condemning the structure of the new Auckland supercity describing it as fundamentally un-democratic.
      Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3 (5:14)

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