What. Warming up bands for the (new) stadium enterprise, slowly.

@ForBarrStadium Check out The Black Seeds are coming to Dunedin next month to play at Carisbrook:) good times!! http://bit.ly/ddzAcq


### stuff.co.nz 26 Feb 2010
The Black Seeds at Carisbrook
The Black Seeds will play at Carisbrook as part of the Rebel Sport Super 14 billing on Saturday 20 March 2010. The concert will follow the Highlanders versus Sharks game. Tickets available now!

Tickets are on sale via TicketDirect and the usual local outlets”.

The Black Seeds are an 8-piece Wellington band that have carved out their reputation on the back of two double-platinum selling albums, and a masterful 8-piece live show regarded as one of the best in New Zealand.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “What. Warming up bands for the (new) stadium enterprise, slowly.

  1. Phil

    Ok, I’ll bite… What’s a Black Seed?

    I stopped going to football games when Boney M stopped playing at Carisbrook. That was a cult “season opening” following opportunity lost, in my opinion.

    I did go back once, when Manfred Man played, but I drew the line at Elton Jack and Tina Tuna.

  2. James


    In theory, the Black Seeds could be quite a good drawcard to get some people less interested in rugby along. Not sure how well it works, however. The only time I went to a rugby match was to see such an act. Sound quality was poor; in short, not really been worth it. Never went back.

  3. kate

    I went last year when one of the bands were playing. As soon as the game was over the screens went out and as usual all the entertainment was for those on the terraces – opportunity lost to try and slow people leaving and to create atmosphere – I am too short to ever enjoy the terraces. I had time to fill in, could have bought more food/drink etc, but the bands were blacked out and only those on the terraces, mainly non ratepayers, benefitted.

  4. Phil

    That’s a very valid point, Kate. Used to to annoy me as well. Bands at Carisbrook for rugby matches appear to be primarily selected and located to suit only those people standing in the terraces. That is, people aged between 19 and 24, who have paid the least amount of money to get into the ground. I appreciate that the student element has traditionally been an important part of the portrayed atmosphere of Carisbrook, but they are not the only people there.

    Mr Davies has spoken about reinventing rugby in New Zealand, specifically to bring back the real rugby supporters, and families. Having a student demographic orientated band, playing on the opposite site of the field, with their backs to the audience, and speakers facing away from them, is not the way to do that.

    It’s not such a big deal when there’s only 4,000 people at the game, and over half of those are standing in the terraces. But treating the highest paying viewers as second class spectators is doing nothing to try and increase those numbers.

    The students will come because it’s a cheap night out and they can all dance around together for 2 hours. So they’ll come, no matter what. The other 3 sides of the ground will only be filled if the rugby team performs to an acceptable level, and if there is some entertainment relevant to those spectators.

    My earlier comment about Boney M was light hearted. But I remember that when they played on the season opening night (at least for 2 years), the ground was full. Mind you, we also knew the names of the players then.

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