Eion Edgar predicts

Thanks to @ajamesgreen for this tweet:

@10PARK @five15design Eion Edgar predicts in 5 years rugby will be only 20% of (use/revenue?) at stadium http://bit.ly/ed1G0

### RNZ National Monday, 22 February 2010 at 10:09am
Nine To Noon, with Kathryn Ryan
Feature guest – Sir Eion Edgar
Businessman and philanthropist, Sir Eion’s also Senior New Zealander of the year. (duration: 32′02″)
Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3

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3 responses to “Eion Edgar predicts

  1. ro

    Rugby may well be only 20% of revenue for the stadium – that’s because the citizens of Dunedin will provide almost all the other 80% through their rates and income from their assets.

    Sir Eion also opined that Dunedin avoided the worst of last year’s recession because of the millions being poured into the Forsyth Barr Stadium. Those same millions poured into a hole in the ground, providing the hole were dug by Dunedin’s unemployed populace, would have done as much. Furthermore, the many millions sent north to buy steel & the like, that benefited those northern populations, could have been spent by Dunedin’s citizens here in Dunedin on products made here. That would have benefited us all rather more, wouldn’t you say?

  2. Russell Garbutt

    Ro, you are correct.

    This stadium is riddled with so many half truths, so many deceptions, that it is almost unbelievable that it has happened.

    The truth is that it wouldn’t have happened if Cr Guest had been beaten by Nicola Holman (was it 7 votes) and other now sitting Councillors had declared their hand prior the last election.

    Some would say that this was democracy at work, but I would say that it was deception at its finest.

  3. James

    29 votes apparently (I didn’t realise it was so close), with a similar margin between Guest and Hudson. Interestingly, if it were First Past the Post, Guest would have stormed in, with a margin on the first choice of 250, but he was relatively fewer people’s second/third etc. choice.

    Click to access Election-07–Cargill.pdf

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