DCC on CST and DVML roles

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Roles of Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd Clarified

Following the annual revision of the service level agreement between the Dunedin City Council and the Carisbrook Stadium Charitable Trust (CSCT), a further definition of the roles has evolved.

In making these distinctions public Mayor Peter Chin says “With the establishment of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML) it’s timely to clarify roles, functions and accountabilities of those involved in the stadium project.”

The CSCT has the on-going responsibility for the construction of the stadium on time, on budget and fit for purpose in accordance with the Hawkins construction contract. The effect of this is that the CSCT is responsible for ensuring that the stadium is ready to be handed over on 1 August 2011 and that it is a tested, functioning stadium by that date.

CSCT will continue to operate as a charitable trust to solicit and receive donations and distribute them in accordance with the purposes of its trust deed.

On the other hand DVML now has responsibility for ensuring that there is a series of events booked to use its facilities after the completed stadium is handed over by the CSCT following commissioning trials. To achieve this DVML’s on-going role is to promote and market the stadium locally, nationally and internationally, to operate the stadium efficiently, enter into contracts with suppliers of food, beverage, and merchandise, sell sponsorship, seating products and otherwise explore every other revenue earning opportunity. DVML now employs all the staff it is anticipated will be required to do that.

Given these changes in roles, it is appropriate for DVML to become the employer of all of the staff rather than CSCT.

Mayor Chin concludes “This process has evolved gradually in response to the changing needs of the stadium project. It has become clear that, on completion, the successful operation of the stadium will require specialist skills and particular professionalisms, so that the role of DVML has grown. CSCT still has very important work to do and, in bringing the stadium this far, has already successfully achieved a very great deal.”

Contact DCC on 477 4000.

Last reviewed: 12 Feb 2010 11:05am

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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