Some debilitating news…

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Feb 2010
Most councillors will stand again
By David Loughrey and Chris Morris
The contestants are emerging before October’s local body elections, with most Dunedin city councillors yesterday confirming plans to stand again.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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7 responses to “Some debilitating news…

  1. I must commend Richard for his devotion to his role as a councillor where he is not going to be distracted, even for one minute, by any comment on his future plans concerning running for council again. This puts the other councillors, who did answer the reporter’s question, in a very poor light. They should have been working hard like Richard.

  2. Richard

    I never cease to be surprised – by anything! Cheers!

  3. kiwifly

    peter as usual you are showing yourself to be an idiot

  4. I think you need to lighten up, Kiwifly.

  5. Richard

    Oh yes! And all of us – including reporter, Chris Morris – overlooked that we await the decision of The Local Government Commission on representation.

    Any (likely) change will almost certainly bring a whole new set of ‘electoral dynamics’ into play.

    Of the present council, I think only John Bezett and myself have experience of citywide elections run ‘at large’, albeit on FPP now superseded, of course, by STV. Whatever, it makes campaigning and accountability quite different to the ‘cosy’ arrangement what we have now and which suits those who would keep it that way.

  6. kate

    To be fair Richard I suggested to Chris that his timing was wrong and that he would be better to wait until the commission’s report is out – not required until April but could be available soon one hopes. As you know no reporter always reports everything if they don’t feel it adds to the story.

  7. Richard

    Not your fault he ignored it then, Kate. I guess he did not want it to stand in the way of the story, or may be a sub decided to cut it out!.

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