@nzpassiton (Kea NZ)

NZPassItOn is Kea’s innovative campaign to leverage the Rugby World Cup and turn New Zealander’s everywhere in roaming ambassadors for New Zealand.

“New Zealand has some of the coolest stuff in the world that nobody has ever heard of. But with the Rugby World Cup heading our way in 2011, it’s a good time to share some of our best kept secrets.”

Kea New Zealand is working on an innovative digital and ‘bricks and mortar’ global campaign – called ‘PassItOn’ – to involve the worldwide network of Kiwi expats in the Rugby World Cup. We are leveraging the international attention that the event will attract to tell a bigger story about our country. We want to promote everything that is cool, exciting and desirable about New Zealand.

For a brief overview of the project see the ‘PassItOn Introduction’ (pdf).

“PassItOn will profile organisations, ideas and individuals, however we don’t just want to share their stories, we also want to ask the global community of New Zealanders to help achieve some specific outcomes.”
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PassItOn is scheduled to launch in late March 2010 but with nearly $300,000 in prizes on offer and some amazing stories to tell, well, you best register your interest now!

Pre-register for PassItOn at www.passiton.co.nz

You can monitor pre-launch progress on Twitter, follow @nzpassiton

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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