Commercial manager Guy Hedderwick on stadium sponsorship

### The Star February 4, 2010 (page 3)
Sponsorship deals ‘ahead of’ target
By James Boucher
Despite a less-than-ideal economic climate, the Forsyth Barr Stadium is ahead of where it expected to be in sponsorship deals, stadium commercial manager Guy Hedderwick says.
In addition to the main naming rights, “sponsorship opportunities” related to the Forsyth Barr Satdium to date included three supplier sponsorships, as well as agreements in place for the stadium’s east stand and entrance foyer. Negotiations were under way for the stadium’s two level-four lounges, Mr Hedderwick said. Although opportunities were still available, the stadium was close to meeting the only real sponsorship milestone it faced.

“We have to reach $30.3 million to cover the private-sector sales, and everything over that goes back into operational revenue. At the moment, we are sitting at the $29.84 million mark, so I’m confident we’ll hit our target. We know who we’ll be pitching the remaining opportunities to and we’ll be making contact with some of them in the next couple of days.”

The full article is available in print and online editions of The Star.

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2 responses to “Commercial manager Guy Hedderwick on stadium sponsorship

  1. Stunning work – an lightyears ahead of the Cake Tin’s same funding push at the similar stage of construction.

  2. David

    So does that mean they have finally reached the 60% private funding (you remember – the target that was REQUIRED BEFORE the project wouild get ratepayer funding).

    Or are they still doing dodgy accounting by double counting five year memberships as ten year memberships?

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