DCC Annual Plan: classic comment at ODT Online

Libraries, or rugby and a stadium – the sweetest of damned comparisons.

### ODT Online Sun, 24/01/2010 – 12:01pm.
Comment by kkeogh on DCC priorities
The Highlanders and Otago rugby teams show alarming reductions in home attendances, which I estimate would be down to around 50,000 total at Carisbrook for a season. For their efforts they get a quarter billion stadium built for them. Cont…
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3 responses to “DCC Annual Plan: classic comment at ODT Online

  1. Richard

    {Please note: The gender of “kkeogh” is not known. It was Mr Chris Keogh who in July 2009 initiated a new online group saying the Dunedin City Council has “lost the plot”. ODT Link -Eds}


    Perhaps in the sense that Mr Keogh (who started something similar on ‘Facebook’ some months ago) fails to distinguish between operating and capital expenditure.

    The proposed “cut” in the library operating expenditure simply removes what was an “increase” ($200,000), the additional $100,000 may come from a review of opening hours, particularly having every weekday evening as ‘a late night’ which is simply not justified on the user figures and the need to employ security guards.

    It is naive to think that any department of council should be exempt from budget scrutiny. That the Library Manager accepts this was shown by his own disciplined approach to the matter. This is what good managers do.

    The time for informed comment will come when the content of the Draft Annual Plan is finally determined and put out for public consultation.

    The new Draft Annual Plan format that only 3 years of the LTCCP are under review, and the more disciplined approach taken by Council this year was very much evident at last week’s meeting. Councillor focus on the content and issues with little of the ‘sidetracking’ of recent years into largely insignificant and endless discussion on lesser issues was almost totally absent.

    I am not alone in anticipating (hoping?) that what emerges will result in a more meaningful response from the public.

  2. David

    Richard says “It is naive to think that any department of council should be exempt from budget scrutiny.”

    So how much is the DCC “give lots of money to rugby” Department cutting from its budget?

    Or is it in fact spending many millions MORE than the original amount budgeted?

    Richard – you talk of a disciplined council approach. Is this the discipline that allowed more and more and more and more to be added to the stadium budget, while at the same time disregarding condition after condition that they had set.

    That’s financial discipline????

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