Leading the world “out of the Age of Stupid”

The writer of the following article, businessman Phillip Mills, is high on philosophy – yet he underpins his advocacy nicely with reference to New Zealand companies working the green wave.

After reading it, believing it (What if? contributors have been pitching green sentiments semi-regularly), ask why New Zealand television (mass) media aren’t providing more in-depth reporting and educative ‘storymaking’ on the subject of this country’s contemporary business efforts.

Country Calendar, the popular high-quality local programme, does for innovative farming and agricultural practice – and community care – what a greater number of documentary-making entities and media programmers should be doing for our wider business community.


While sports codes, biased to male sport, continue to gain more coverage than Kiwi-can business and entrepreneurship on screen (through free-to-air and pay TV), we have a serious problem in re-imagining ourselves as a competitive community-driven business force, regionally and internationally.

We should know ourselves better, in the everyday sense of aspirational behaviour and business application. Live it learn it lead it, Kiwi women and men.

Mills says, “We led the world on getting the vote for New Zealand women.” Yes, but Kiwi women are seriously sidelined from receiving equal pay, recognition and status in business. Currently, they are badly positioned to assert themselves as ‘equal partners’. Ethically, morally, I hope the green wave, with the application of time, intelligence, voices, persuasion, performance and resources, will be among our finest opportunities to mediate and defuse the staunch gender divide that racks and undermines our New Zealand business culture.

How we mean to thrive as a country involves getting past ‘old school’ management, employment, production and investment models . . . moving a startling distance away from the limited thinking that, by example, the ‘phenomena’ of rugby and stadiums most certainly represent.


Phillip Mills has a New Year’s wish: that New Zealand surf the “green wave” to the forefront of the world’s new, “clean” economies.

### ODT Online Thu, 21 Jan 2010
Opinion | Energy
NZ: green opportunity knocks
Here we are all of a sudden at the beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. Just yesterday, it seems, we were watching out for any Y2K disruptions while celebrating the new millennium. Now a new set of problems threatens our treasured Kiwi lifestyle and life quality, our values, our prosperity and the long-term viability of our country.

But by riding at the forefront of the green wave, we can have equitable prosperity, quality of life, the ability to live our values and an economy that is viable over the long term.

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-Phillip Mills is executive director of Les Mills International. He received a World Class New Zealand Award for New Thinking in 2009 and was Ernst & Young NZ Entrepreneur of the Year in 2004.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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