Can DCC manage its books for ratepayers???

### ODT Online Thu, 21 Jan 2010
Councillors may reject rates plan
By Chris Morris
There appears to be support among Dunedin’s city councillors to try for a substantial reduction in forecast rates at today’s annual plan meeting. Councillors at yesterday’s private annual plan workshop took part in an anonymous poll, writing down what they considered an “acceptable” rates increase for each of the next three financial years, the Otago Daily Times understands.
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Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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One response to “Can DCC manage its books for ratepayers???

  1. James

    While I tend to think that rate rises are inevitable (and in my summer travels, looking at ratings bills around the place I think Dunedin’s actually look pretty low), I think a degree of pruning is appropriate.

    I think this is especially the case with this rather optimistic graphic

    The big rate hikes come early (which will magnify the compounding effects), but worse, I think they taper off in an unrealistic way. The final few years suggests rate rises sticking fairly close to inflation, and represent a surely optimistic projection. Sure nothing is in the pipeline now, but it must be a near certainty that other things will appear.

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