D Scene – Stadium squeeze

### D Scene 20-1-10
Stadium squeeze (front cover)
A leading stadium critic believes the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza will hold several thousand fewer people than promised: a claim hotly refuted by stadium bosses. See page 2.

Capacity doubted (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
A senior academic believes Dunedin’s stadium will host fewer spectators than its predicted 31,000 capacity. University of Otago senior lecturer Dr Rob Hamlin told D Scene he doubted the $198 million stadium could live up to promises because the space and the money were too tight.

Council flooded with requests (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
Requests for information about Dunedin’s controversial stadium continue to flood the city council. Stadium sceptics are seeking further information about the roofed venue, as the city council funded project divides the city, despite several court cases which have failed to stop progress.

Ward make-ups soon (page 2)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Dunedinites should know what the future make-up of city wards will be by early next month.

It’s a small world (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan, editor
While Dunedin was debating what slogan to promote the city with – and the rest of New Zealand was quietly laughing at the southern city – a much more deadly struggle was happening elsewhere in the world. With Haiti descending into anarchy, the exact death toll of last week’s earthquake will never be known.

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Exclusion considered (page 4)
By Michelle Sutton
The fate of a trial banning traffic from the lower Octagon will be known next week. Dunedin City Council’s planning and environment committee will consider a trial exclusion of traffic from the lower Octagon.

Parking hearings to begin next week (page 5)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Tweaking of Dunedin’s traffic and parking by-laws begins next week, streamlining the city council’s turn-around on unpopular parking changes of mid-2009. The hearings will cover recommended changes to the by-laws made by the Parking Review Working Party in report to the Dunedin City Council last November.


talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 9)
Your say: Slogan suggestion for city

Good Old Dunedin
By Diane Yeldon, Wakari
That’s my suggestion for a new city slogan. And the DCC can have it for free.

Negative note
By Gavin McDonald, St Kilda
Michelle Sutton in D Scene’s final issue for 2009 interviewed 11 men and women on their resolutions and goals for the new year ahead. The only negative note came from the Mayor, Peter Chin.


Business confidence coming back (page 15)
Marta Steeman in Christchurch
Economist Robin Clements says confidence among South Island businesses and consumers is bouncing back, with the sentiment that the worst is past.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “D Scene – Stadium squeeze

  1. Jack

    So now there won’t be enough seats? Is this the same Dr Rob Hamlin who said the piles would need to go to 50m and would in fact disappear to China (obviously not a geographer). He has lost credibility ages ago.

  2. barry gibbons

    what is actually going to happen with the “original” carisbrook, we are told the dcc have not looked at anything but, i was told that they have already got big plans for it??? 7 million it better be good, perhaps another sporting union who is in debt??

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