First, Dubai World took a dive, then the lifts got stuck

. . . at Burj Khalifa

Now, the fairytale has overheated: “With only seven of the planned 19 peaks completed and the artificial glaciers only partially frozen….”

### January 14, 2010
Dubai Debt Crisis Halts Building Of World’s Largest Indoor Mountain Range
DUBAI—Representatives from the emirate of Dubai announced with disappointment this week that its recent debt crisis has forced developers to halt construction on the city’s long-planned 22-mile-long indoor mountain range. The culmination of a decade’s worth of ambitious and expensive building projects, Dubai’s estimated $100 billion debt officially brought work on the artificial mountain range to a stop on Tuesday.
“This is a very sad day for the emirate of Dubai,” Crown Prince Hamdan bin Mohammed al-Maktoum told reporters at a press conference held inside the gold-plated anti-gravity chamber in his palace.
“Although I believe it is the basic right of all who visit us to be able to scale to the top of a 15,000-foot-tall manmade snowcap, these tough economic times have made it an impossibility. Never before has our proud municipality faced such a grave crisis.”
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Dunedin celebrates blue-sky thinking.

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4 responses to “First, Dubai World took a dive, then the lifts got stuck

  1. Elizabeth

    And next, a tweet:

    World’s tallest FAIL! Burj Dubai temporarily shut down due to electrical problems. (Please take stairs):


    ### ODT Online Tue, 9 Feb 2010
    World’s tallest tower closed a month after opening
    The shutdown comes at a sensitive time for Dubai. The city-state is facing a slump in tourism – which accounts for nearly a fifth of the local economy – while fending off negative publicity caused by more than $US80 billion in debt it is struggling to repay.
    The precise cause of the $US1.5 billion Dubai skyscraper’s temporary shutdown remained unclear.
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    • Elizabeth

      ### ODT Online Wed, 10 Feb 2010
      Dubai tower shut after visitors stuck in elevator
      Visitors on the observation deck of the world’s tallest tower heard a loud boom, then saw dust that looked like smoke seeping through a crack in an elevator door 124 floors above the ground. The 15 people inside were trapped for 45 frightening minutes until rescuers managed to pry open the doors. Because the elevator was apparently stuck between floors, rescuers had to drop a ladder into the shaft so those inside could crawl out. On the observation deck, about 60 more people were stranded and some began to panic. Shortly after the drama unfolded on Saturday evening, the half-mile-high Burj Khalifa that was supposed to be one of Dubai’s proudest achievements shut down to the public just a month after its grandiose opening.
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  2. What a wonderful analogy to the stadium and what it promises. Empty and/or under utilised, ridden with debt, and built on the egotistical wet dreams of men who like to talk big. The world’s tallest tower is looking kind of flaccid (metaphorically speaking). Just build it and they will come. Will they?

    • Elizabeth

      Probably not.
      Dubai as a whole has over reached – the tower is a horrifying statement.
      And we know the sort of numbers of people forced into slavery by the construction industry that put it up to dangle.
      Indian and Pakistani immigrants have been particularly abused. In some articles the number of worker deaths for Dubai’s construction industry are listed.

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