Dunedin City Council meetings 20-21/01/2010


### ODT Online Wed, 20 Jan 2010
DCC begins budgeting process
By David Loughrey
Dunedin city councillors will today open the city’s accounts, beginning what is bound to be a contentious process of setting both the budget, and the annual rates increase. But day one of that process – its political ramifications more acute in an election year – will be done away from the public eye.
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Public welcome.

Dunedin City Council meeting
Thursday 21 January 2010
Commencing at 9.00 AM
Edinburgh Room, Municipal Chambers

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Agenda – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 58.4 kb, new window)

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 49.3 kb, new window)
Community Housing 2010/2011 Operational Budget

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 385.0 kb, new window)
Review of the Delivery of Building Control Services

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 72.6 kb, new window)
Performing Arts in Dunedin – Options for the Future – Update

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 71.7 kb, new window)
2010/2011 Draft Annual Plan Consultation Plan

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 52.5 kb, new window)
Logan Park Development Project

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 2.1 mb, new window)
Depreciation Funding – Water and Waste Services

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 532.0 kb, new window)
Community and Recreation Services Heritage Assets

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 342.8 kb, new window)
2010/11 Rating Method

Report – Council – 21/01/2010 (PDF, 104.5 kb, new window)
Solid Waste Kerbside Recycling, Landfill Gas Collection Capex,
Enviroschools Funding

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2 responses to “Dunedin City Council meetings 20-21/01/2010

  1. Phil

    Interesting to read in the VERY brief Community Housing report, that there is a recommended increase for “Property Management fees”. Given that all the houses are managed by City Property’s 3 fulltime Housing Officers, is that another way of saying salary increases? I would have thought they fell under the Council general wages bill. Even so, a 3% increase (guessing here) would only be about a 10 cent weekly increase per house. Hardly worth including in the report.

    • Elizabeth

      Council’s EDU is initiating a 10-year economic development strategy.

      Oh dear…one of the speakers “was a keen supporter of Dunedin’s rugby stadium ambitions”, that really helps DCC, not. Read the same old crap being rolled out that the stadium will enhance the city, attracting people to Dunedin – at what cost to ratepayers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      ### ODT Online Wed, 20 Jan 2010
      DCC briefed on economy
      By Simon Hartley
      The key to Dunedin lifting itself out of recession is population and public/private investment, one of several analysts giving Dunedin City Council councillors a closed-door briefing yesterday said. It was the second annual briefing, arranged by the council’s economic development unit, to give an impartial view on international and national economics and the implications for Dunedin, unit manager Peter Harris said.
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