Learning curve 4 SLOGANS

Subtle Twitter question:
@AxlVanGok @10PARK would u go as far as making a new page on teh blog with all slogan ideas? (would it help our leaders see errors in their ways?)

@10PARK @AxlVanGok Good Q. We can do anything. Can shove a page up soon. #Waiting4Business.

This page may change or be replaced with loud graphics from @five15design. Anything could and should happen.

All welcome to share texts, links to pics and video #WideOpen

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2 responses to “Learning curve 4 SLOGANS

  1. Elizabeth

    Brash, glitzy Las Vegas has hit the nail on the head with its catchphrase: “What happens here, stays here”. Thousands of visitors each year must be very relieved to hear that.

    Crafting a catchy city slogan a tall order
    Timaru Herald 19/09/2007


    City slogans are so frequently bad that it’s almost shocking when someone gets it right. No matter how much it has been done to death, the Las Vegas “What Happens Here Stays Here” motto was genius. And the Bay Area has at least one classic with “It’s Great to Be Alive in Colma!” It must be so much easier to live in a place with hundreds of thousands of dead bodies buried within the city limits, knowing that your town leaders have a sense of humour.

    City slogans are no doubt created to market the city for tourists, lure in new industries and often promote population growth. But in many cases it can only have the opposite effect.

    City slogans follow the signs
    Peter Hartlaub, SFGate.com (article collections June 30, 2008)


    ### http://www.taglineguru.com
    City Branding Survey (2005)

    Criteria & Methodology

    Approximately 350 city mottos and monikers were nominated from a field of 1,200. They were sent to 100 advertising, marketing, and branding professionals from more than 82 cities across 38 states (USA). To level the playing field, a city could be ranked only once in the slogan or nickname category even though it had several mottos and monikers.

    Both official and unofficial, as well as past and present, nicknames and slogans were included.

    Informants were asked to rank their top 10 city slogans and top 10 city nicknames based on the following branding criteria:

    * Attributes: Do they express a city’s brand character, affinity, style, and personality?

    * Message: Do they tell a story in a clever, fun, and memorable way?

    * Differentiation: Are they unique and original?

    * Ambassadorship: Do they inspire you to visit there, live there, or learn more?

    Read more

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