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### ODT Online on Mon, 11 Jan 2010
Chirpspace microbloggers meet up in real world
By Hamish McNeilly
Twitter-tweeting digital world networkers met face-to-face as part of a “tweet-up” in Dunedin yesterday. Seven Dunedin-based tweeters – people who use the social networking service Twitter, took the opportunity to meet at St Clair Beach Resort and share experiences personally. The tweet-up was organised by avid tweeter and resort resident manager James Hacon.
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Correction: This was not the first Tweetup held in Dunedin.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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2 responses to “Dunedin Tweetup

  1. It seems that Dunedin is to have its own ‘Ponzi’ scheme. Worse, it may well be setting up its own ‘Sub Prime’ fiasco. How can this be happening? Well, it all has to do with the stadium.

    {Read the rest of this comment at the new thread: Calvin Oaten comments -Eds}

    • Elizabeth

      Calvin – your comment has nothing to do with the [old] Dunedin Tweetup thread.
      Your comment is being moved to a new post.
      Attempts to post at Dunedin Tweetup on a non related subject will be moved or deleted.
      Not meaning to be unkind. This was pointed out previously when it appeared there was an attempt to subvert the Dunedin Tweetup thread, or indeed a genuine misunderstanding of the thread had occurred.

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