Solar-cloud stadium in Zagreb

### Tue Jan 5, 2010 at 11:45 AM
Blue Volcano: A Futuristic Cloud-Covered Stadium for Croatia
By Ariel Schwartz
We’ve seen a rash of green stadiums recently -Taiwan’s World Games stadium, the New Meadowlands Stadium, and now the futuristic Za(breg) stadium in Zagreb, Croatia. Dubbed the Blue Volcano by the press, the njiric+arhitekti-designed stadium is designed to be a major landmark for Zagreb.
The Blue Volcano harbours a number of groundbreaking green features, including lightweight building materials (a polycarbonate dome, steel cables) and an artificial hill made out of recycled rubber. But the flashiest and most impressive feature is the zeppelin-like floating “cloud” above the stadium playing field.
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The above item comes via Inhabitat, where you can view more images.

Tons of eco-promise…
Inhabitat says, “Surrounding the stadium are retail areas to make the site a multi-use development and the spacious grounds house more areas for the public to recreate. A skateboarding and climbing area are built into the side of the stadium and additional playing fields sit adjacent to the site. All in all, a good project for Croatia that could help unify the city with a fun and smart eco stadium.”


### 30 Dec 2009
Za(breg) 2012 / njiric+ arhitekti
By Karen Cilento
The combination of steel cables, ETFE membranes and polycarbonate dome create a super light construction system.
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