[listen up]…ODT, retailers, spoilers

If rugby at the stadium isn’t your thing…

### ODT Saturday 2 Jan 2010 (page 40)
To the point
In the twilight of our lives, we have discovered a new game. Mornings in bed, six days of the week, we have fun spending time searching for small snippets of news among the colourful advertisements in our Otago Daily Times. On Sundays, we actually are finding we are experiencing withdrawal symptoms, not being able to play this game.
Gaynor and Baden Gilchrist, Ranfurly

Available in print and digital editions of the Otago Daily Times.


If like Ross, you’re waiting for “100% off our normal price for a new TV”…

### ODT Wednesday 30 Dec 2009 (page 16)
Letters to the editor
Shopping bargains
What is a good deal? The question has to be asked when day after day large retailers offer discounts ranging from 20% to 50%. What are these discounts off? In business, giving discounts all the time means that your retail price has a large markup, or you are going to go broke.
Ross Davidson, Kew.

ODT Letter of the Week, to be published in full at ODT Online http://www.odt.co.nz/opinion

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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