Rugby: remaining hopeful

### ODT Wed 30 Dec 2009 (page 21)
Pivotal year ahead for rugby in the South
By Brent Edwards
So the sporting year is almost done and it’s time to turn attention to what 2010 might bring players and supporters. It’s an especially pivotal year for Otago and Highlanders rugby. Another year of results similar to the past season might have those who made the decision to build the Forsyth Barr Stadium pondering anxiously on the wisdom of their investment.
Here in no particular order, is a wish list for the first year of the new decade:
• Someone, anyone, to sort out the mess that is Otago rugby, to instil some passion, pride (and humour) in a team which we once supported with such fervour.
• Otago rugby to avoid relegation to the championship (the second division) even though the backdrop to the season will be a community divided over the appointment of an Australian coach.
• The Highlanders to win more games. I’m not big on the Super 14, especially in February and March, but they simply have to start winning more matches and attracting bigger crowds. Let’s face it, they can’t do a lot worse on the scoreboard than they have in the past six or seven years.

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Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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