Wishing all What if? readers and posters Merry Christmas and a Happy 2010. And a super large thankyou to Paul Le Comte for indulging our views and debate !!

### Dezeen December 24th, 2009 at 9:36 pm
Designer Christmas cards
By Rose Etherington
Here’s a selection of our favourite Christmas e-cards sent in by designers and photographers.
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10PARK @TokyoFashion Thanks for all the great shots this year and especially the Christmas 2009 Tokyo (Set)

[or watch slideshow]

TokyoFashion @10PARK Thanks very much! I hope I can get the remaining two sets posted before the end of Christmas day. Too much to do! :-)

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “Christmas

  1. Phil

    Ditto to all who choose to contribute here. Haven’t always agreed with you all, but do continue to enjoy the many avenues of enlightened discussion and debate. Long may we reign.

    • Elizabeth

      Further to the Christmas post (and since we didn’t design anything to ah celebrate the day, sorry folks…), just in from Tokyo via Twitter:

      ### www. December 26, 2009
      Omotesando Christmas Pictures 2009
      Christmas is only hours away! That means we must hurry up and post the rest of our Tokyo Christmas 2009 photo walks. We still have to cover Omotesando and Aoyama to complete the neighbourhoods around Harajuku. Looks like won’t finish Shinjuku and Ginza this year, but there’s always 2010.
      So, for this update, let’s take a walk up Omotesando Dori (or “Omotesando Street” if you prefer). The media loves to call this road the “Champ de Elysee of Japan” because of the high concentration of luxury goods shops. Besides the Christmas shoppers, this year we’ll have to brave the crowds coming out to see the Omotesando Christmas Illumination. I’ve been hearing claims in the Japanese media that 2009 is the first illumination in Omotesando in 11 years. However, we seem to remember very cool holiday lights back in 2006 – and claims that year that it was the first time in 8 years. Not sure what that’s all about. The bottom line is that this year’s holiday lights are beautiful, and are guaranteed to bring big crowds to the area. Are you ready for expensive shopping, huge crowds, and lots of pretty pictures?
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      This will take an age to download if you’re on dialup, but persevere! I’m off to Tokyo for xmas next year. (in her dreams)

      • Elizabeth

        Hot off Twitter this morning, another Xmas extravaganza in Tokyo. Design is ALL, collective spirit, individual and corporate effort, mesmerising street magic, heyho retail consumption alive!
        (Ok Grinches, go think green thoughts later)

        ### January 1, 2010
        Aoyama Christmas Pictures 2009
        Christmas 2009 has passed us by – and now we’ve all moved onto celebrating the New Year – but that won’t stop us from posting the last of our Tokyo Christmas 2009 photo walks. The final walk is in a really nice area: Aoyama! Somehow, with all of the parties and shopping, we didn’t quite get these pictures posted before the holiday, but they look just as pretty now as they did last week. And, maybe you’ll even feel a little nostalgic for…a few days ago. Or, maybe not. Anyways, please join us for a walk around Aoyama to check out how various shops and fashion brands wished Japan a Happy Christmas 2009.
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