Jim Harland: “The council isn’t broke.”

He scotched rumours there would be cuts to core services, and that the council was in financial difficulties […] councillors also needed to be aware of ratepayers on fixed incomes.

### ODT Online Tue, 22 Dec 2009
DCC looks at spending
By David Loughrey
As Dunedin ratepayers face an 8.7% rates increase for the next financial year, and an even steeper increase the following year to pay for a list of multimillion-dollar projects, a four-person team has interviewed every manager at the Dunedin City Council, asking them to justify their spending.
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Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Jim Harland: “The council isn’t broke.”

  1. Elizabeth

    Closer questioning, the further or more upsetting the answer?

    ### ODT Online Mon, 21/12/2009 – 3:23pm
    Comment by russandbev on I note that you will not answer Richard – or is it can not?
    I, among others…have been asking you, as a self-identified councillor, to tell us just how the council acted when on one hand, it had an opinion sought for the purpose of getting a handle on what Carisbrook was worth, which arrived at a figure of $2.5m, and on the other, behind closed doors, with no testing of the market, no evidence of any negotiating, and with only one seller and one purchaser, a sale price of $7m was arrived at which amazingly turned out to be the same as the level of debt carried by the ORFU.
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  2. Anonymous

    A little bird tells me…[a property investor, name deleted] is expecting a cheque by end of December to complete the sale of land for SH88 realignment. It would be interesting to know how many zeros are on that cheque…

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  3. Caz

    Another little bird tells me…that the DCC only negotiate with ‘parasites’

    • Elizabeth

      Richard replies at length:

      ### ODT Online Wed, 23/12/2009 – 7:14pm.
      Comment by Richard Walls on ‘A Merry Christmas’
      To Russ and Bev: In your post of 12/12/09 you commented: “It seems a long time ago although it isn’t, when a “leading Dunedin Real Estate firm” was asked by the CST (read DCC) for the value of Carisbrook, the answer was ‘approximately $2.5m’…”
      As I suspected, you have not told the full story so, for the benefit of other readers – if there are any left – I will quote the reference in its complete context.
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