New Zealand’s plan (bigger than a ball chase)

The alliance, proposed by Prime Minister John Key at the United Nations General Assembly in September, has been heavily promoted by New Zealand as an initiative that brings developed and developing countries together on reducing emissions from live-stock, cropping and rice production.

Copenhagen Summit 2009

### 10:05 AM Thursday Dec 17, 2009
Govt puts $45m into emissions plan
-NZPA With Eloise Gibson
New Zealand will contribute $45 million to the Global Research Alliance on agriculture greenhouse gases following the announcement that at least 19 countries will sign up to the initiative. Associate Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser and Agriculture Minister David Carter announced the contribution yesterday in Copenhagen, where ministers from 19 countries joined New Zealand’s plan to bring together public and private researchers from some of the world’s largest economies.
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RNZ News Link Foundation members of the alliance will meet in New Zealand early next year to establish working groups and set priorities.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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