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San Francisco 49s Stadium

Continuing What if’s fascination with stadium construction projects, thanks to a very nice newspaper infographic from the San Jose Mercury News (consistently one of the best newspapers for design), we are given a very brief summary of the debate surrounding the debate and wrangling to build the San Francisco 49s Football team a new stadium.

Intro from Wiki.

The San Francisco 49ers presented a plan on July 18, 2006, to construct a new 68,500-seat, open air stadium to be built in time for the 2014 NFL Season at Candlestick Point in San Francisco. Originally, part of the area surrounding the current 49ers venue, Candlestick Park, was to be zoned for retail space and housing; the new 49ers stadium was to be combined with such elements, bringing much-needed attractions to the historically blighted neighborhood of Hunters Point.

Currently, after failed attempts by the 49ers and the city of San Francisco to come to an agreement on the location of the new stadium, the 49ers ownership is looking at other places in the Bay Area, notably south suburban Santa Clara, where the 49ers’ administrative offices and training facility have been located since 1987.

The Road To Kickoff
{Warning this is a large image 700k}

Some links (wow talk about similarities).

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Other links you may source from the Wiki entry on this stadium debate.

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