Stadiums don’t build themselves

Someone famous once said, the only way to get big things done, is to use lots and lots and lots of people.

This is true for the Forsyth Barr Stadium construction team. From the architects and designers, the engineers and planners and through to the hard manual work done by those in steel capped boots and hard hats.

While we can all marvel at the big machines, there is an astonishing large amount of work done as you would expect by hand. This is a small tribute to some of these people.

Posted by Paul Le Comte. Images ©PLC 2009



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4 responses to “Stadiums don’t build themselves

  1. Elizabeth

    That’s for real, Paul. Like the shots!

  2. Phil

    *L* good to see the hearing protectors being put to good use in every photo.

    Nice shots.

  3. Paul

    Ha, now you mention it, it was a still day and there were sod all machines going. When I think about it, it was exceedingly quiet soundwise on site.

  4. Amazing shots Paul, very very cool.

    These blokes work bloody hard, it’s great that you’ve had the forethought to actually recognise their efforts. Awesome!

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