Stadium Open Day

{Update – ODT Link Curious Flock to Stadium Site}

In the first of what will be a series of Open Days, the construction site was opened to the public today in the form of a gold coin donation to the Rotary Club.

While the weather was less than favourable (indeed atrocious when I was there near the end), the estimates of 1500-2000+ numbers through the gate is a great effort.

You entered the complex and were treated to some nifty multimedia courtesy of the WIC stadium time lapse construction images. I liked this, it’s a nice way to instantly make you feel like this is not just a throw the doors open and have a look event.

One of the great advantages of this building site is the fact that there are still roads running through it, and construction (and hence we visitors) aren’t battling the mud all day every day. Unfortunately, as you’ll see from the pics, the weather was bad and got worse. There was food and coffee for all to enjoy before they started the tour.

Construction on the North Stand is well under way, with the first of the main columns now emerging out of the footings.

There were plenty of drawings and other material to help you decipher what was taking place around you.

Of course the most prominent work to date has been on the main South Stand.

You can see that the visitors needed protection from the weather.

Despite the weather, there were plenty of construction folk about to answer every conceivable question put to them.

More of the main South Stand.

Some people are going to remember this for a long time to come!

There is of course lots of steel within the concrete of the structure.

More folk to lend a hand or word of wisdom about the structure and construction.

In this view from the south looking north you can start to appreciate the scale of the construction, (if I’m not wrong) the top outside trusses of the structure will be roughly the height of the tops of the cranes pictured. Looking front left you can see an example of the configuration and types of seating that will be used.

Inside (sheltered from that drenching rain) you could see the ETFE roof membrane set up.

DVML chief executive David Davies talking through some of the details with the stadium model.

and finally, David Davies with Guy Hedderwick, commercial manager of the Carisbrook Stadium Trust, at the end of a long and wet, but informative and by all accounts successful afternoon in the rain (but not mud).

Post by Paul Le Comte. Images ©PLC 2009



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2 responses to “Stadium Open Day

  1. kiwifly

    it was fantastic i was really impressed with how they are getting on. I CANT WAIT till it’s finshed. I wonder if any of the anti everything brigade went. (most unlikely as they would then have to admit that it is money WELL SPENT) and they would then have to admit they were wrong.

  2. Reading the ODT and from a couple I spoke to there, there were a few who object to it, but as they said they want to see where “their money” is being spent.

    I suggested they drive to the end of John Wilson Dr and admire the new sewage outfall, as their money had also gone into that.

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