DScene – OIA requests about stadium endless?

### DScene 2-12-09
Editorial: Staying open (page 3)
By Mike Houlahan
On Monday Dunedin City Council adopted a policy of charging for handling Official Information Act requests. Section 13 of the legislation already provides a charging mechanism. Council has now formalised that into a policy, where the first three hours processing will be free, while subsequent time can be charged at $38 per half hour.

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Extra bin recommended (page 4)
By Wilma McCorkindale
An extra bin, probably yellow, is the only major recommended change to Dunedin City Council’s kerbside rubbish and recycling collection.
The kerbside recycling hearings panel wants a basic service comprising the current black rubbish bags and a two-crate recycling option – the blue crate for recycling unbroken glass, jars and bottles and another coloured crate for recycling plastic graded 1-7, steel and aluminium.

Your say: Letters to the editor (page 8)
‘Stadium costs’ by Dave Witherow, Stop The Stadium President
Other letters with stadium mentions by [Marjan] Lousberg, Eli Kerin (Dunedin), Dennis Dorney (Calton Hill)

What’s on offer (page 13)
By Michelle Sutton
The spotlight is on Dunedin’s cruise ship industry, with planning for the way ahead already under way.

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